Break Week Do you guys think Oda will ever let Usopp grow as a character and a fighter?

I don't know if you guys have noticed this but there is a chokehold on Usopp's development more so than all the straw hats. If Usopp has a moment where he conquers his fear and looks like he's making progress, he'll regress in the next arc and still be afraid of something that really shouldn't bother him this far in the story.

In terms of power, Oda has even stated himself that Usopp will always be the weakest regardless of who joins. Just look at the power ups he gives characters like Coby and Momo who aren't even main cast members.

Coby was two years younger than Usopp when we met him, afraid of his own shadow, and didn't know how to fight, at least Usopp had his sniping skills during this time. But now two years later , he has three types of haki, knows cp9 techniques, can stop a bomb with his bare hands, visibly not even afraid of taking on Boa Hancock all because Garp taught him for 2 years and a couple of months. Luffy wasn't even as strong as him after two years of training with Garp. Momo has only been with the straw hats for like a month and now he can hurt Kaido.

Compare their treatment to Usopp. Usopp wants to be Sniper King according to his vivre card, but he is still learning how to use observation haki, he can't even hurt Page One. He struggles against fodders, Oda really is dead set on never letting this man grow as a fighter.

Usopp's not even making progress as a brave warrior of the sea. I could keep going, but it really seems like Oda wants Usopp to remain the same for the entire show, I don't know if he's noticed this, but a character that never grows is boring.

According to the official popularity poll, Usopp dropped 13 places in Japan since 2015. So my question is do you guys think Oda will ever let Usopp grow or is he screwed as a character for the long run?
I Really hope Elbaf really makes Usopp not just Dead weight to prevent Any New Strawhats from joining; due to Luffy capping out the Crew to only having 10 crewmates;

He has so Many things that COULD Make him more Relevant to Elbaf;

1. Getting to Re-unite with His Dad, since the Red-haired Pirates are stationed in Elbaf; and Yasopp is a Part of Shanks' Crew

2. His Connection with the Giants; Dorry & Broggy

3. He Needs SOMETHING to ensure he Doesn't get Killed by Van Auger in their inevitable Show-down; since Van Auger has a Warping Akuma no Mi; AND Futurevision. . . HOW IS USOPP supposed to compete with that?! He needs Either stronger Observation Haki, a Stronger Weapon. Or have his Weapon eat an Akuma no Mi, SOMETHING to even the Odds to come out on top!!
Usopp needs :
-Far better shooting speed to get close to
Augur's shooting speed.
- A shield
- physical strength and movement speed
- flight technology
He will never be a strong brawler or have strong COA and he doesn't need that, technology is there to help him . With bravery and skill he will become able to beat really strong individuals, the bubble gun oneshoted kaku, and almost oneshoted s-snake .

If you are not a top tier, a very durable high tier with queen level durability or above or a very fast high tier with katakuri level speed future usopp will be able to snipe you down and flee when necessary, this is a manga about pirates not samurais so usopp doesn't have to fight directly nor honorably he can just kill you and move on
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Usopp already tanked ulti's hits ,a vet level ancient Zoan , ulti has physical stats on par with swordless cracker since she is a Zoan, honestly there are less than a hundred current characters physically stronger and faster than ulti counting gorosei , Seraphim's and holy knights
Will Usopp grow as a character? Yes.

Will Usopp grow into the character you want him to be? No.

Usopp exists mostly for comedic relief and being weak relative to others around him, he'll have the odd moment of being courageous but in the end he'll always be a weak coward.

Even if Ussop becomes stronger at Elbaf

Waiting 1000 chapters to develop Ussop is bad writing
Oda sucks at developing his main characters and also villains are poorly written since TS