Character Discussion Do you like Sabo?

And it’s cool cause he’s perhaps most realistic in that sense?

Blackbeard sometimes also exhibits some sadism, but Sabo does it successfully 👀

Growing up together and the fruit is the only thing they have in common. Characters are completely different.
Exactly like people should understand that oda loves trios in the first place that's why he made sabo and having the fruit is because he carries ace will
He’s alright, but I can’t say I care that much about him considering how many times he’s been in the manga (not a lot).

He was kind of cool during Dressrosa though, I guess.
I’m indifferent towards him. I hate amnesia plot points, it’s a lazy way to resolve events in a series. His existence also feels like Oda regrets killing Ace so he brought him back with blonde hair.

On the other hand I like his sadistic nature when he fought the marines in Dressrosa and him easily disposing was cool. He needs more characterization for me to like him more overall