Questions & Mysteries Do you think Zoro will get the final blow on Kaido? (+ a fanart chapter)

Zoro vs Kadio scenarios:

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The "dragon" he's supposed to slay is King.
I wouldn't be so confident. There is an article on dragons, from One Piece Magazine Volume 5:

Here is the relevant quote:

The article further provides a description of Eastern Dragons with a picture of Kaido:

I'm not saying Zoro is going to deal the final blow on Kaido, but if he's going to slay a Dragon, then so far all fingers point towards that Dragon being Kaido.
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If I am thinking realistic of Oda's way, Zoro won't even get to fight Kaido
If I am thinking of how its supposed to happen after all the hints throughout series,
Tiger VS Eastern Dragon
Zoro Cutting Eastern Dragon
Ryuma being Zoro's Predecessor who cut Dragon
Ryuma Hero and Protector of Wano
Zoro getting Enma
Zoro's Japanese/Wano/Samurai Arc
Zoro's I forgot what else
Then Zoro MUST fight Kaido
but of course, Oda's way will prevail :few:


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I thought that the most possible thing for Zoro to do against Kaido would be cutting his scales before Luffy and Kidd land a final blow on him. He cut his scales and then BAAAAAM Luffy and Kidd with their strongest attacks.
The best feat I can see from Zoro when it comes to fighting Kaido is leaving a scar on Kaido just like what Oden did in the past. And being able to scar and hurt a yonko, Kaido the beast no less, should already be a feat to be proud of for any pirate or swordsman.

But getting the final blow on Kaido? No. Luffy is the main protagonist, not Zoro. Im more interested in Zoro's 1v1 fight against King.
Zoro killing Kaido is a literal fanfic. After nearly 1000 chapters, its surprising that some of you are yet to realize that Luffy is the main character, not Zoro.

The literal best Zoro could do is cut Kaido like Oden. But I even doubt that that will happen. Oden was a legendary pirate by the time he fought Kaido and the kaido he fought was significantly weaker than current Kaido. Oden was close in strength to prime rayleigh, its still too early for Zoro to reach that level.

But I will leave it as an open possibility since he does have enma.

But more likely than not the dragon who Zoro will fight is king. In Oda's oneshot "monsters", Ryuuma killed a western dragon, not an eastern dragon. King, with his affinity to fire and his pteranodon fruit, is likely supposed to symbolize a western dragon.