General & Others Do Zoro fans still want King ?

Do Zoro fans still want King ?

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This thread has nothing to do with ZKK. I just wanna see how many of my Zoro peeps still want Daddy King ? Since I'm seeing everywhere Zoro fans getting excited for King.....

So im interested how many of yall want Zoro vs King ?
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I thought with this arc that Oda was actually stepping away from his typical battle set up. When he had Zoro on the roof, my hype for Zoro vs King dissipated. Off the top of my head, didn't Sanji clash with King more than Zoro? In my mind, if Oda was willing to have Zoro fight with Luffy, then it wasn't a huge stretch to have Sanji fight King. Now Oda wants to continue his traditional arc battle set up. He can do that. I wanted to see Sanji vs. King, and maybe I still will in some sort of capacity.
they do from what I can see
imo I dont think he needs it bar some sense of a guarantee over his bounty bump.
its hard navigating what he does for the rest of the arc
fools gold to think he's done fighting this early in the arc when some of the strawhats havent even started theirs.

i dont want to see king go down to an opponent who isnt at their best.