General & Others Does anyone here actually feels hyped anymore ?

do you feel like really looking forward for next chapters/arcs?
I mean what to look for really ?

- fights off paneled and at best case it’s a barley one chapter fight after a decade or two

- the unmatched milking and dragging that oda is doing

- the plot is so random and doesn’t make any sense most of time…I can’t read something while pretending to have an IQ level worst then an animal.

- oda spamming the same fourmla in literally every major arc.

- fake hype level is unmatched

- fake tension level is unmatched

- amount of PIS/CIS is ridiculous

- oda using extremely ridiculous tools to resolve plots…big mom is an enemy ? Make her an ally… supernova Luffy rivals ? Make them allies etc etc

- recycling same shit over and over again
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Its becoming more and more like Fairy tail

Kaido subduing 4 WG now two can held off Big Mom
Sanji gets his leg cracked by Vergo and is unable to hurt Doffy but owns Queen

over 110 chapter with no real story telling

its just milking the series Luffy runs 10 chapter Yamato reaches the top in one
this endless running

I just hope Kaido loses this arc ends ,it seems like Oda doesnt really value yonko, we move to One Piece and Im-sama
I only got hyped when general audience gets "beat up". Like Luffy losing at 1013(even I thought he would 100% win), raid failling, YT content creators statements going wrong, people that made up high quality and inteligent theories going wrong because of Oda child straight forward way of thinking.

I wasn't liking the series since WCI arc and I completely lost any hope of enjoyment since 1010.