Questions & Mysteries Does Japanese piss off Wano arc?

Wano arc was expected to be special since it is the showcase of Japan culture. I think Japanese will even put higher expectation than me.

Instead of seeing mighty samurais and integrity of unique culture, all I see are pathetic and hopeless portrayal. To name a few:
  • Samurais are just crying fodders. No unique personality and all of them are weak
  • Shogun is a joke. I would love to see badass Shogun who put fear and conquer mighty samurais, instead we got Orochi
  • Oden is just lame. No dignity and is just very stupid. He's just good at naked dancing
  • 9 scabbards are pathetic losers who lacks integrity and their brain cells are filled with Oden hallucination
  • Citizen are just crying losers, hoping to be saved
What do you think? I start to feel as if Oda hates Japan or something...