General & Others Does Oda respect the intelligence of his readers ?

I think the one with low IQ is you.

The only thing which is crap about this situation is that is too convenient because of a new mode of her which we didn't know anything till now and it appeared at this exact moment.
But her personality is consistent.

Food is the most important thing for her so she was thankful with them for that, and her care for Tama (who gave her food as well) is consistent as well since BM herself is a little kid in a monster body.

Oda could simply avoid the introduction of this new mode since it wasn't neccessary at all, it did actually bring more harm than good.
dingy just means shitty. It means nothing about the people there. She's talking about how broke and poor they are.
Doesn’t matter... this demon couldn’t careless about enslaving the people of wano and murdering them...but because some gave her food and cloth now she plans to betray kaido ...what about the rest of wano ? They never even communicated with her

what next ? Big mom ally with straw hats because sanji baked her a cake and he didn’t put poison in it ? Probably.

watch out Luffy vs big mom turn to Luffy vs Hancock but with the help of cake.
Oda'd writing is good because of how he developp his universe.
Moreover conveniences happens often on Shonen.
Imagine authors tries to explain everything.
It will be a novel not a manga.
People complains about how long are flashbacks and subplots and also complains about conveniences.
This is retard.


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That's an exaggeration given how the majority of fans are not expected to be geniuses at all, conversely. The target is overall prominently teens looking for escaping the problems of reality and technically not intellectuals. That's a tiny part presumably.
You know what’s really funny ?

the first thing she says after regaining her memory is calling the town and it’s people Scum... now she loves them...fuck off oda.
The Viz translation in Queen's Gambit says dingy little village. For 1011 she says grimy little village. That's the same thing.

I can imagine Oda has no idea people with reading comprehension at this level are sitting around getting salty about a series that starts out with a fat old woman who becomes slim and beautiful because she's "slippery" followed by a clown who's thwarted by playing with his feet. He'd probably be relieved to discover that this is the level of his criticism.
Sadly the abusive actions of women are being downplayed and played for laughs AGAIN. Just as it happens in the political and societal discourse, where female abusive tendencies are not being taken seriously.
In oda's mind a woman's crimes need to be forgiven no matter what evil things she does, only because of her gender.
This is such disrespect to all women, as their actions -good or bad- are not taken seriously because in the heads of people like Oda, their gender limits their participation in "normal human society" aka male society.
hat...she is racist herself as seen with her abused daughter pudding ...she has library of imprisoned races...her hobby is collecting them
BM represents the so called 'positive' racists that don't straight up murder other races bc they hate them but who consider other races 'special and 'exotic' . BM's books where she keeps them is an accurate representation of human zoos.

Her marrying men of different races just to get a biracial child and then tossing the man away is a reference to exotic sexuality syndrome.

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Kinda funny how many people here think sucking Oda’s balls is gonna get him to ~*~NOTICE THEM SENPAI~*~, most of us could drop dead today and he’d never fucking know or care about it. Y’all need to understand that it’s perfectly valid to criticize something/someone you love; if you’re afraid of doing that, you gotta figure out why your heart won’t allow you to reflect on the shortcomings of those you hold dear, and I’ll tell you this much, that has nothing to do with the current quality of One Piece...guessing it has something to do with not being able to accept your own flaws:luuh:
I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say that Oda disrespects his readers’ intelligence. I just think he doesn’t have any original ideas or basic writing knowledge. Can’t disrespect shit when you ain’t got the skills yourself lol.

I’ve played video games with better MCs, better storytelling and better character development than OP. OP can’t even hold a candle to animated Netflix series, let alone actual literature. If the writer is this unskilled, he can’t possibly disrespect his audience. He’s doing the best he can... his best is just awful given that he’s been living in an editorial echo chamber for 20 years.