General & Others Does Oda respect the intelligence of his readers ?

Regarding "pirate standards": how about you also look at her way of governing her islands compared to Kaido's. They are not at all the same, and obviously she could object to Kaido's or his subordinate's treatment of the people. (There are probably some "hardcore BM fans" that brought that up before.)
Some are completely inured to their edgy, hardcore headcanon that has almost nothing to do with Big Mom anymore, of making up lines or not interpreting things correctly, ignoring her theme and individuality. Their extreme reactions have different reasons of their own than just finding some minor discrepancies.
I am talking about linlin last chapter. this is by far the worst out of character bullshit in this manga.

but you know what’s worst ? The fans that defend this as if there is absolutely nothing wrong here and oda is top tier writer... CRINGE.

- b..but she respect those that helped her...she has “mother mode” for harmless kids...YEAH what about her calling that town that helped her SCUM oda ? How low can you get with your trash writing

- sponsoring evil experiments on kidnapped children

- kills her kids ? No problem

- allows for her kid to get abused because if she didn’t then why almost all of her kids were bullyed ?

- the kids never see the face of their kind indeed

- racism and bullying for sole purpose of her enjoyment and entertainment against baby pudding ? No problem

- so much for the kind hearted mother when every last one of her kids fears her to death...chiffon doesn’t think of her as a mother...she called her a monster

- see momo tutored and humiliated and laughs her ass off with big grin

- known for her sadism, greed, selfishness, backstabbing, betrayal, sending loved ones heads in colorful boxes, enjoying blood pools, raping men and the list goes one

Retire oda.
Not gonna read this
But short answer

Although he doesn't have many intelligent readers to begin with so it doesn't matter
" I didnt learn about essays in school cant design a plot and just a fanboy who agrees with everything"
Lol edgy, when did i defend this series, can you show me if i ever blindly defend this series? Trashing =/= critizing. I never care if people complaining about story, but im always annoyed when people trashing author directly, not only for OP, but for other series author.