Does WG love or hate the French?

What is your stance on French?

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Which was a proof of their poor understanding of the man and manichean vision of the situation, since De Gaulle wanted to promote and preserve France autonomy.
They were initially supporting the Vichy Regime during World War II because PΓ©tain was interested in Americans investments.
The submarines case last year was really a thing in France. Some were considering leaving NATO just after this.
It seemed like Macron lost his shit about the Australian contract. But do I care ? Are WE supposed to care for about selling weapons ? Not so much to be honest
Been to Paris twice. It was nice and my first impression was that the French do seem pretty arrogant but i guess that's normal for most countries.


Lazy is the way
I plan to go to France this year for a short vacay. Can any french people help me with good places to visit? And how many days should I plan for.

After that there are many places to visit for exemple : Provence, south-west (Dune du pilat / Bordeaux etc), some mountains etc
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When you realize that someday some french guy woke up and thought, '' You know what we should eat? Snails!!''
Best thing ever :finally: