Dragon Ball Super - Chapter 64: Son Goku, Galactic Patrol Officer

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Thanks for the tag.

Been a long time since Goku speaks wisely like that.

The fight is a reminiscence of Goku vs Frieza. Krillin died and Goku powererd up into SSJ and beat up Frieza.

Just hope Goku doesn't mess up judging from Beerus's last quote this chapter.

Looks like Goku can control Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI) perfectly now. I hope this form doesn't get disrespected like other forms with next major villain could keep up with this form.


It's over, get over it
The art was unusually good this chapter for Toyotaro, althroughout the battle from the fluidity in MUI Goku's movements to the battle impacts. Loved this moment in particular where MUI Goku shook the entire earth from a single punch

Hell even Whis and Beerus closed their eyes during this moment, and Beerus qualified his fighting style to be godlike, maybe a sign of him finally be surpassed once and for all ?

On the other hand, i'm curious to his final statement in the chapter. Hopefully Goku doesn't screw around for some stupid shit

Moro on the other hand shows his pathetic nature infront of a superior power from begging for his life when he is outmatched

Reminded me of Freeza in the Namek Saga though. A Callback ?

Dragon Ball Super - Chapter 64
Title: Son Goku, Galactic Patrol Officer

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This fight looks a lot like Frieza vs Goku.

I'm worried about the Beerus quote.

Top tier fighters of the verse quotes are almost 10/10 times on point.