Theory Dragon is Xebec's son.

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There's very little to back this up and it goes heavy on speculation like most of my other theories (like Blackbeard being a magic trick using doubles like in The Prestige, and the one someone else posted with credit about Shanks being the God of the Underworld) but lets go anyway.

The most recent panel of Rocks got me thinking about how similar he and Dragon are so far in appearance and role.

Father and son?

Before I just start speculating and writing fanfic, I want to go over the actual similarities.
- They both have spiky slicked back hair, a similar face shape with big forehead, and they like big coats with collars. Without a close look at Xebec's face, the only thing really differentiating them is hair texture.
- They both directly oppose(d) the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. Roger and Garp teamed up "to protect the celestial dragons and their slaves", so Rocks was directly assaulting God Valley in much the same way Dragon plotted to assault Marie Geoise and declare war on the celestial dragons at the Levely. They share very similar methods, with only their final goal being different. Rocks wanted to destroy them to take their place, Dragon wants to destroy them and the ruling system along with them.
- Rocks was the most dangerous criminal of his age as a pirate and Dragon is "The World's Worst Criminal" of this age.

Alright that's about it lol.

Still, what if Dragon is actually Xebec' son? Follow me while I really think this out like a crazy person as much as I can. He would have been 17 at God Valley, the same age as Luffy when he started his adventure. Dragon as a former marine was a theory I saw kicking around a while ago, with Garp adopting Dragon and taking him under his wing the way Koby and Helmeppo were trained, but I don't think that's it. The Marines would have never let him join, if he really were Xebec's son. The admirals would never allow it, much less the Gorosei in charge. But what if he just married Garp's daughter?

i just discovered this theory from 2017, a prediction that Dragon was actually Garp's son in law, because Garp allegedly never directly refers to Dragon as his son, calling Luffy "The child of my child" (not son of my son, specific wording is used) or only calling Dragon "Luffy's father". It references Gendo from EVA, and according to the EVA wiki,
"Normally in Japan, the wife would change her name, but occasionally the husband takes the wife's name if she is of higher social status, especially if she has no brothers to carry on the family name. "ōshi and following this up, from Wikipedia

A mukoyōshi (婿養子); lit. 'adopted son-in-law') is an adult man who is adopted into a Japanese family as a daughter's husband, and who takes the family's surname. This adult adoption may take place in marriages where the woman's family is of a higher socio-economic rank than the man's family, where the woman has no brothers to be the heir to the family name, when the man has been disowned by his own family, or when the man's natural family comes from a notorious or shameful background and he thus prefers to hide his identity.

The daughter of a famous marine hero is definitely of higher social status than the son of the worst criminal in the world. What could Garp do if this guy fell in love with his daughter? Is Garp, of all people, really going to stand in the way of true love, if that's what happened?

Both Rocks D. Xebec AND Monkey D. Garp are Luffy's grandfathers.

Maybe this is the real ultimate secret of why Woop Slap is the only person who gets upset at Luffy's increasing bounty and infamy, why he never wanted Luffy to become a pirate in the first place, why he specifically flips out when Luffy makes an enemy of the World Government. He knows about Garp, Dragon, Luffy, Dadan, Makino, Shanks, Ace, Roger, and all the history between them. Somehow. Maybe he's just one of the only people who knows enough about the world to see the second rise of Rocks from a different angle.

Why might it be Luffy's "Fate" to become a pirate?

Woop Slap asks this question which has always stuck in my mind and has only gotten more mysterious since. Luffy's father is a revolutionary. His grandfather is a marine hero. Luffy shares Roger's will, but no one knew this at the time, and the dream he shared with Roger is something only he himself, Sabo, and Ace knew. Nothing about Luffy's life or past would indicate that Luffy might become a pirate at all, save for Shanks being his friend. But why would something as small as that make it fate? What could possibly make Woop Slap concerned about Luffy's future as a pirate if no one in his entire family is a pirate?

Well, if Luffy is Dragon's real son, but Dragon isn't actually Garp's son but Xebec's, this might be why Woop was so against Luffy being a pirate in the first place and thought he'd bring shame to Foosha Village. If Luffy's grandfather was Rocks D. Xebec, the most fearsome pirate in the world, someone so evil that he had to be wiped from history with only a few people from the older generation even knowing his name? Then it makes perfect sense why Woop Slap is the only one getting upset every time his bounty rises, every time his name gets more infamous, every time he becomes more of an enemy of the world government.
It would also add yet another parallel to the growing mirror match conflict with Blackbeard, as Teach is clearly the one inheriting Xebec's will, not Luffy, even if Luffy may have inherited his blood.

Anyway this is probably all BS but if it ends up true I totally called it before anybody.
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How do you adopt a 17 year old?

Dragon is 55 he wasn't a baby when Rocks died
Why would a 17 year old Dragon need adoption anyway?
Could have been possible if Dragon wasn't already an adult

Why would a 16 year old Koby and a 20 year old Helmeppo need to get taken under Garp's wing? Maybe it was a similar situation, only he had to say it was his own son.
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Thats because Garp is the father of Luffy's mom
Not Dragon's father
ok maybe he wasnt "adopted" and garp just let him take his name to cover up the past, this is just as good and would still let rocks d xebec be luffy's OTHER grandpa
Post automatically merged: oh jeez this is from 2017. apparently garp never specifically says dragon is his son, at least in japanese. he says luffy is "the child of my child", which could mean either one. and he calls him "Luffy's father" and never "my son". holy shit. i started thinking this through as a gag but now i really think garp and rocks might both be luffy's grandfathers from different sides of his family
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"Normally in Japan, the wife would change her name, but occasionally the husband takes the wife's name if she is of higher social status, especially if she has no brothers to carry on the family name. "

aaaaaaahhh bruh. bruh i was not even expecting it to go this far but fucking luffy is rocks' grandson
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I actually really like this theory, for several reasons:

- it brings Luffys mother into focus, finally, being Garp's actual daughter.

- it explains why Garp seems to not exactly care what Dragon does, its not his blood relative, Luffy still 100% is his blood, which is why he cares about Luffy's actions.

- Its very easy to explain why "Rocks D. Dragon" changed his surname to "Monkey"; simply to hide his lineage like Ace did, by adoption of Garp

- It potentially also explains that Dragon did this when marrying Luffy's mother, changing his surname to match hers and Garps

- It explains why Garp never actually called Dragon his son, only Luffy's father and Luffy as his Grandfather (which he is)

- It may also explain why Roger gave Garp his son, he saw him take in Dragon years before

- Finally, it may explain the potential fuel behind Dragon's anger/goals. Something clearly may have happened to Luffys mother, which may have driven a rift between Dragon and Garp

This is a super plausible theory, good job! We will probably find out about this soon, Oda has mentioned he wants to bring her into the story at some point. And I have a feeling its related to the end/Luffy's final goals.

Why would a 16 year old Koby and a 20 year old Helmeppo need to get taken under Garp's wing? Maybe it was a similar situation, only he had to say it was his own son.
Training someone is diffrent than claiming they are your child
Like how would Garp explain to Sengoku who knows him from his teenage years that he has a 20 year old son that appeared overnight?
It was very hard to hide Ace her mother killed herself trying to hide him and even then the government found out 20 years later but now Xebeck's teenage child can change his name and claim he is the son of the most famous navy officer and no one finds out anything?
I find it unlikely but i guess we will see

It's possible he is Garp's son in law and not son but in that case he would have to be a nobody instead of being the son of the world's most famous pirate
so Garp never married ...

Dragon is his adopted son? and he want to destroy the world government just like his father ... and Luffy's Xebec's Son?

and Garp is Grandfather of Luffy but not father of Dragon?

can be a twist ... but I wonder if it's a twist we need