Dreams you've had


I’ve never even been on one, and I didn’t particularly care about them in my conscious mind, they were just ALWAYS in the subconscious somehow :emohiyo:
Maybe you were a member of hell's angels in a past life, and your subconscious is actually a dimensional portal void of circumstance. Apparently I was a prime minister of Canada so ya know
Dreamt about a child, a little girl probably 12 year old. In real life i didn't know her. In my dream i was frantically looking for her as she told me before that she had to go to another country/province to live with her parents.

I chased her to the airport. As the time of her departure came nearer, i found her and i hugged her fiercely not wanting to let go. To this day i'm sure that in that dream, i strangely had strong romantic feelings for her, a little girl. Suddenly the both of us were at a grass field, holding hands near a beautiful lake. The dream ended and i woke up remembering it clearly. I didn't know her but that romantic feeling and that relationship i remembered i had in that dreams really startled me.
Queen fans i come with a funky prophecy

Today i dreamt of Queen turning thin..and he looked ominous as all hell came down on earth unfortunately my dream ended as my bladder was about to overflow.:usoprice:

Sanji fans brace for impact

I have had two weird dreams that stand out in my mind.

First, as a kid, I remember dreaming in black and white. For some reason I needed to find my blue mittens. I was searching a pile of mittens but everything was In shades of gray. The matter was so pressing and I was definitely panicking. When I woke up I realized if everything was in black and white I could have grabbed any pair of mittens.

Second when I was in college. I had a dream that my dorm was turned into a horse stable. I decided to just go with it and slept on the hay. My friends were kind of enough to visit me and bring me apples and sugar cubes.


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One of the weirdest dreams I remember was a good long while ago now, but I dreamt I was back in school and there was some sort of school prom in the Gym Hall.

Of course I don't remember all of the details, but I remember the main event which was that I had a magical piece of tape (just ordinary cheap tape that only sticks for a short amount of time) that I could apply to my private parts. And when I did I would zoom around in the building, it was kinda like a magnet being attracted to it's polar opposite, though the magnetic pull were undiscernable.

I would become so mad when someone stole the piece of tape from me because I wanted to zoom around the building some more
Lmfao let's not just move on from that.

How did you train the sheep ? What the fuck did they do against zombies ?
this lad hasn't watched Shawn The Sheep... such an unsophisticated thing to say

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Fighting a cyborg with an umbrella and I actually won.

I almost always fight something in my dreams and have cases of lucid dreaming (dreams where you know you're dreaming and everything feels real). Sometimes it's frightening.
sometimes i wake up..and go back to the plot of the dream again just to dream about it more and it actually works!