Duke Hyou's commanders

His overall soldiers are very good but the top ones have been meh for now especially considering most other GGs having subordinates that are monsters, maybe his army wasn't fleshed out too much because he showed up early idk

On a side note, even Ouki's vassals aren't that hot to me apart from Tou obviously and Rokoumi to a lesser extent
Duke Hyou was even Qin6 level but had no interest in the position.
The duke’s army isn’t special but you can be sure their strength increases ten fold when the Duke is riding on the helm. They are an opportunistic army that function on the Duke’s instincts, and given the right circumstances I think they can breach through any army, eventually ends up as a 1v1 and there is only a handful of generals who can match Duke Hyou in combat. That’s a deadly army worthy of Qin6 reputation if you ask me.
The only notable commanders of Duke's army were Gakurai and Garo before they joined the HSU. Other than them, the rest are nothing too standout. But Duke's army is definitely above your average army for sure.