Future Events Egghead finale predictions

- Stussy brings Stella back to life and helps him escape
- Dory and Brogy stay back to fight while Luffy escapes
- The truth of the world broadcast is just a trap and Mars in trying to stop it will reveal his form to the world revealing the gorosei true nature
- Mars decides to kill York believing that by destroying this entire lab will stop the broadcast (York gets saved but Kaku and all the other CP members die)
- The Gorosei reunite and the Ancient Robot fights alongside Dory and Brogy against the five of them
- Kizaru senses Stella and says that he’ll protect Stella as the WG will never stop hunting him. Luffy and him fight.
- Ancient robot gets destroyed
- Lucci as a revenge for killing Kaku destroys Punk Records and the Mother Flame factory
- After the straw hats and Elbaf ships leave, Shanks shows up ending the conflict and we find out what he and the Gorosei were discussing.
Nice prediction especially the trap thing; I can definetely see that happen.
- SHPs are almost able to flee.
- Kizaru chases after them
- Lucci comes to stall him (he is a vampire now - bitten by Stussy)
- The agent gets defeated and caught by the WG as a traitor
- WG wants to execute him
- SHPs/Vegapunk see that he is caught
- Shaka is revealed to not be dead
- Shaka is revealed to be Lucci's brother - he wants to safe him
- Luffy is reminded of his brother Ace and the situation in Marineford
- Kaku pleads for the SHPs to safe his brother-like colleague (he is the 3rd brother currently on the island)
- If the Stellar is still alive, he will come to try to rescue Lucci (he is the clone-father of Lucci/Lucifer and his twin Shaka)
- Luffy and the SHPs/Vegapunk try to safe Lucci
- Lucci wants them to flee and leave him behind - he thanks Kaku and Shaka for loving that evil-person that he thinks he is
- They can free Lucci/Lucifer
- Add a flashback of the Stellar/Lucci/Shaka 24ish years ago
- Add flashback of the time skip somewhere in between
- Luffy asks Lucci/Lucifer to join him as a crew member
- End
- Straw Hats escape thanks to the Giants
- Broadcast will be the reveal of Imu to the world
- Bonney joins the crew
Joyboy Robot will ride Zunesha to allow Nika to escape.
Oh, his nakama are with Him btw.

Shit broadcast message "Nika is back" or "There was once a Kingdom, Nikaland"