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Enma VS Nidai Kitetsu

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The Road To Harmony
On a base level, the swords are the same. Enma is just harder to use at the start since it forcibly releases haki from the user, while Nidai Kitetsu is probably more circumstantial rather than tough to handle. It might be similar to the Sandai Kitetsu, which attempted to cut without Zoro’s permission, but it could also be that it attracts misfortune towards the wielder, so nothing that’s immediately noticeable like forced haki consumption or acting on its own.
Nidai is the one with the curse, enma drains the haki so weak/unskilled swordsman can't use it
oh right, silly me LOL thanks for the correction!
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I would love it to be one of these routes:

1. He leaves Shusui takes Enma and exchanges Sandai for Ame No Habakiri.
2. He leaves Shusui and Sandai and takes Enma and Nidai.
yeah right, should've just take 2 of them:milaugh: