Current Events EOS Koby > EOS Sanji anyone want to bet?

EOS Koby > EOS Sanji

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    Votes: 45 73.8%
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It depends

Koby needed Prince Grus and Garp's massive help to barely do a thing to Pizarro, who is just getting used to his powers and will certainly get stronger before he fights a Strawhat.

On paper, if he is ever going to be able to fight EQUALLY with Luffy, then yeah, he should be stronger than any Strawhat except Luffy.

Otherwise he will at best be comparable to Zoro or to Sanji, these two might be around Sabo's level EoS i believe
I don't care enough for any of them to bet.

Actually I care about Sanji but Oda doesn't.

All I say is that Coby is not next Garp. Smoker is.
Koby's the one following Garp's training regime,
Koby's the one who's hobby is literally training.
Koby's the one with "impact" techniques.
Koby's the one Garp called his protégé
Koby's the one who already has the title of "Hero" and is already world famous.
Even Cross guild inflated cross guild bounty and name recognition.

Smoker is irrelevant to the story, Koby isn't.