Euro 2024!!! Kicktipp

England or Spain, who wins today?

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This coach refuses to bring in Emre Can lmao. Fuck him. Our best defensive minded player and our main problem (next to Havertz being useless) is our defence.

Idk why you focus on Havertz so much while Nagelsmann keeps giving egoshooter Sane playing time who can't do good teamplays in any of the matches so far nor was he ever good at finishing. Literally overrated as hell player for many years.

Also Emre Can doesn't really fit into the kind of football Nagelsmann wants to play and he had to be re-nominated because of the injury of Pavlovic. I would have been surprised actually if Nagelsmann would suddenly trust Emre Can with all his defending errors to stabilize Germanys defense.
Losvakia morania will play rigged draw to both get through but how will they pull this scan without detections???? Teh anser is
1-1 draw!

Shech republique vs Turkey will be scan game as well... Final groupe game where Shech republique know exactly what they have to do to qualify.... they may only need 1 point for best third place which also suit Turkey who get second place if this happen....

BECAREFUL of these games!!!