Chapter Discussion Everybody that cried about “Joyboy taking over Luffy” hold this L.

Wasn't it obvious when he first returned?
It was obvious before it happened. You don’t change the MC into a different character it makes no sense.
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Apparently it was not. Go back and read 1043/1044/1045 spoilers.
Yeah they were trying to find a reason to bash Luffy that’s all.


I said it before in the chapter thread: Kaido sensing something and Zunisha specifically pointing out it reminds him of Joyboy is just the spirit of the Nika fruit's awakening.
The only people who pushed the "Luffy died and is taken over / possessed by Joyboy" were ZKK fanatics and haters who call Luffy cONdOm
People don't understand Eastern concepts. They're still confused by the fish family of Kaido's fruit even though ryus are more related to fishes than reptiles, imagine how hard it must be for their narrow minds to conceptualize Luffy's Buddhahood-like awakening.

On top of that, I bet most of the "Luffy is possessed" gang were power scalers, who are a special breed of stupidity. They tend to lack sensibility to... pretty much everything, so imagine stuff beyond their immediate culture.
Isn't it kind of the opposite? Oda's clearly justifying fans' concerns that Luffy could actually be taken over. He must have thought it was somewhat logical that Luffy could have been taken over by joyboy/nika based on how bullshit recent events are
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I'll also admit to the loss.

My own opinion was more along the lines fo "Nika has taken over Luffy", but it's the same difference, and probably similarly wrong at this point.

It's a little disappointing that a plot like that didn't actually commence, since I feel that no other drawback can really negate the utility of Gear 5 to prevent it's use in the future, and ruin all of the tension within the following arcs.

Hopefully Oda knows what he's doing here.
They were crying when I made that thread
Here a Bunch of losers who thought that
Z-pium gang obviously
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Zoan Fruit have their Own Will, So?

And Kaido seem not sure that Luffy eat Paramecia or Zoan. That why he ask question "who are you" to luffy.
he's prolly asking WHAT ZOAN ARE YOU.. implicitly