Speculations Expectations of Dr. Vegapunk

From Character Design to Personality What "In Your Mind" Do you think Vegapunk is Like

In my Opinion I think The Human Silhouette we see of Vegapunk Talking to Caesar and in Kumas Flashback is Actually an Android Being Mechanically Controlled by Dr.Vegapunk Himself
The Real Dr. is Actually a Giant Brain in a Jar Housed in a Room Similar to the One That Secured Oars back in Thriller Bark.

This Massive "Noodle" Could Possibly Belong to an Ancient Giant whos Stunning Intellect was Preserved By the World Government. Similar to How Imu Has a Giant StrawHat in his Possession

If you want to Get Real "Big Brained" Could This Massive Brain Possibly Belong to the Giant Skull in Onigashima:choppawhat:

Could you imagine a Giant or Possibly an Oni With an Astronomical IQ That feels Like his Intellect is Wasted amongst his Peers Allying Himself with The WG for New Pastures. Thoughts?
Since Sanji has a lot of plot points related to Dr Vegapunk , I think Dr Vegapunk will be goofy , charismatic , a little bit weird character design , a little bit pervert and will have a lot gag scenes just like Bon Chan , Queen etc.


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Vegapunk is top tier cyborg with cool design. We already have enough goofy shit.

I'm fairly confident Vegapunk does still have two or three things to teach to Queen and Kidd let alone Franky haha. He is the epitome of Science progress and Technology.

But Franky revisited some of his old works during the TS IIRC then he arguably learned the bases at least.


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Maybe hes an Uber Dork Like Chopper Navie to an unrealistic degree similar to Chopper Maybe he a Dolphin Zoan Smartest Animal in the World i think. if you wanna keep that theme Prevy Like Sanji cuz dolphins go Brrrrrrrrrrrr

I bet he is much smarter than that even
Oda will try to give him an unexpected look
Maybe he looks like a kid or has the body of a greek god
He will also be a pervert
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I expect him to look like a combination of Einstein (looks), Stephen Hawking (tech-aided ventriloquism) and Jimmy Neutron (big head) and has a robot Den Den Mushi pet which looks like Krang that speaks for him...
I expect him to have a soft and weird personality!
Also,cool and powerful tech weapons!
I think Oda will give him a normal's man look,no need to make everyone weird looking!