Favorite One Punch Man characters

Who’s your favorite character

  • Saitama

  • Genos

  • Garou

  • Suiryu

  • Sonic

  • Flashy Flash

  • Zombieman

  • Boros

  • Shuyaku

  • King

  • Metal Bat

  • Sanji

  • Sweet Mask

  • Darkshine "the mass monster bodybuilder"

  • Fubuki

  • Captain Mizuki

  • Atomic Samurai

  • Tatsumaki

  • Psykos

  • Orochi

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Revised, and probably final top 10 :

4.Sweet Mask
5.Black Sperm
6.Flashy Flash
9.Metal Bat/King

@Van i had forgotten how amazing Mask is.
You're seeing the light. The webcomic made Mask into best written character so far. Love his parallels with Blue. Since the new chapters, my new favorite characters are:

1. Sweet Mask
2. Bomb-Bang
3. Genos
4. Tatsumaki
5. Saitama
6. Puri Puri Prisoner
7. Zombieman
8. Garou
9. Darkshine
10. Tank Top Master
11. Mizuki
12. Black Sperm
13. Drive Knight
14. Iiaron
15. Fubuki
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What the fuck?:crazwhat:First of all, Psykos's nipples:steef::steef:Thanks @Enma for the tag btw:cheers:And second of all, her attacks:believe::believe:It might even rival Zoro's ISDS lol :pepemwai::pepemwai:Zoro vs Psykos thread incoming:finally::finally::finally:
Make a thread like that and I will personally delete it:kriwhat:
Saitama is probably the only main character that I like. Luffy and Naruto are known as Messiah in their respective series but Saitama even though he's the strongest in the series, he's not famous. He only became heroes for fun not to become some sort of celebrity.

Honorable mention Mumen Rider. I think even though he's class C and just regular human but his heroic is S Class. His personality is more heroic than all of S heroes.