Favorite Weapons?

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So yeah, just a normal Kingdom thread from me this time. Nothing too fancy or too detailed.

Kingdom is one of those battle manga that introduces us a variety of things, one of them is the choices of weapons. So like the title suggested, which weapons are your favorite? Which weapons looks the coolest? Which weapons is the most effective in battle? Who has the best weapons? Etc.

There are glaives, swords, spears, axes, maces/clubs, bows and arrows, dart, etc.






Bows and Arrows:

(Couldn’t find proper image for Kyou En for some reason, apologize for that).

And lastly, the infamous dart of Karyo Ten.

If I forgot any type of weapons, then let me know lol.

My favorite weapons are swords and spears, coolest looking weapons is gotta be Gaimou’s glaive and Gyou’Un’s glaive, the most effective weapon in combat is probably the glaive, I mean it got range, can slice and thrust, can block and parry, etc. The best weapons is vary for everybody, Kouyoku got the cursed blade “Bakuya”, Earl Shi got the best spearmanship, Tou’s swordsmanship is probably the most versatile, Ouki’s glaive can slice through tons of soldiers, etc. What about yours?
Gotta be glaives and long Axes. I just love it when Generals flex these and bodies go flying all over soldiers heads.​

So satisfying Lmao.
Sword and spear fights are the best in Kingdom imo, but some glaives like Gyou'un are just so well designed.
I actually really enjoyed Earl Shi vs Ouhon. Perhaps might even in top 5 best fights in Kingdom.

Gyou'Un and Gaimou's glaives designs are probably the best. Ouki's and Ousen's glaives are close second.
I might need to start reading Kingdom...

Is the anime good?
I would recommend to check out the anime first. If you can handle the garbage CGI of the first season like me then you can proceeds to season 2, 3 and 4 which is currently airing weekly right now. If you're still not satisfied with the anime due to the gore and nudity censoring, I strongly suggest to read the manga from Chapter 1 cuz the anime skipped some of the arcs from the manga. Hope this helps ^^
I'd say the Glaive, I love those panels where we can see soldiers flying through the sky and the glaive bend through the air.



Lazy is the way
Sword fights are the best in Kingdom. Shin vs Rinko, Tou fighting style, Mouten précise strikes etc. Even lately Shin vs GKHK reminded us that swords fights are différents. More original, better choreography, versatility, more movement etc.

Glaive fights are often : strike, strike, strike, strike, strike etc etc
Swords >>>>

I do not care for the glaive spam in this manga, and I deeply resent that Hara made Shin relegate his sword to his back up.

Not only does it not make sense, it's just less expressive in the art - at the least the way Hara draws it.

Glaive duels tend to all look very, very, very similar where the opponents are drawn standing in place while Hara draws a storm of bendy metal and sharp edges around them. Boooooring.

Give me back swordsman Shin. That guy was much cooler.
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