Versus Battle Fiction battle royale

Who wins?

  • Kaido solos

  • Acnologia solos

  • Garou solos

  • Momoshiki solos

  • Demon King Piccolo Solos

  • Aizen Solos

  • skeletor solos

  • meruem solos

  • mcu thanos solos

  • dceu steppenwolf

  • winged dragon of ra solos

  • the emperor solos

  • zedd solos

  • Esdeath solos

  • devimon solos

  • lucifero solos

  • stay night gilgamesh solos

  • heathcliff, sao solos

  • God of war zeus solos

  • ains ooal gown solos

  • ozai solos

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Character pictures

  • Manga version of garou.esdeath and lucifero
  • kaido uses the anime version as does momoshiki,aizen,piccolo,ainz,lugia,god cards,acnologia,meruem,devimon,gilgamesh,heathclip and ainz
  • Thanos and stepppuwolf use their live action incarnations
  • Cartoon version of skeletor and ozai
  • Composited versions of the emperor sheev and lord zedd
  • Monster form aizen is used here as would be monster garou and kaido
  • lugia uses it's base form
  • Hoopa movie feats are counted for lugia
  • Ainz can also get novel and manga feats
  • Momoshiki would be using his fused version
  • Piccolo daimao uses his youth restored self.
  • Round 2 has composited versions of all the characters here and rayquaza is counted instead of lugia.
  • Dragon form acnologia
  • Thanos gets all his infinity gems
  • Steppenwolf can have use of his motherbox
  • Meruem uses post rose state and skeletor uses the skelegod form. Gilgamesh uses his stay night incarnation and heathclip uses his sao avatar.
  • zeus his video game version, no novel feats
  • The setting is new york city, mcu version and all characters are motivated to kill. free for all style.
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Nah Thanos with bloodlust have no regards to use the infinity gauntlet right at the start and erase the whole universe. This shitty gauntlet is more hax than all his opponents together.
While I love Lord Zedd a lot, I feel like Drakkon would be a better Rangers villain for this. I would love to say Zedd solo's but I just can't :josad:
Thanos still needs to snap his fingers to use the Gauntlet and more than half the gauntlet blitzes his ass hundreds of times over before he can process a thought

Garou alone should solo more than half the gauntlet. Don’t know the Pokémon, Digimon, or that Power Ranger(?)’s feats though