Who will win the World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

  • Argentina

    Votes: 52 56.5%
  • France

    Votes: 40 43.5%

  • Total voters
i dont know, all the talk about him now is that he wishes to play for Flamengo now
Now for Flamengo?
He is 30, he can go and play in Flamengo with 34/35, I hope he still stay for another 4 years in europa. Perhaps leaving PSG and enter another top team? Playing in Italy or England would be also cool. I hope Neymar not leave the big stage this early...

If Messi and Ronaldo keep playing with 35/37, I at least hope that Neymar plays for 2-3 more years in Europa.
Well its wrap up here. Lack of pogba , kante was definitely seen yesterday. First half was literally the worst I have seen from french team.

Mbappe has shown he will succeed messi as new goat of football. I dont think qatari owner will ever let him leave.
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Is Neymar never playing for the NT again?
He'll play most likely.