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As in it feels like you really do counter suspect me and it isn’t just deflection. Bc that’s a 1 + 1 I’d expect if you’re really on the look out for Aymer and think I’m suspicious.

Of course if Cal was town and you were mafia hoping for Aymer to come out I guess you could also be on the lookout for that.
It's nit that i dislike what you're saying because you suspect me. Flower does same thing and i'm more or less convinced she's town. What pinged me is what you said about me and SK. We've been scum together already more than once. Have you EVER seen me going in so much after my teammate? No, i wouldn't ever do that and majority here know it. You should too. I'd get if you said "they technically could be allied in some world" but not that its likely or anything similar. That came off as opportunistic and insincere to me
they believe i am an indie. i can work with this for now
Earlier many were calling you Soul’s teammate and I think Kagura is probably Soul’s teammate so just trying to figure out how anyone who has you in that team is working this out.

Curious why you’ve gone from scum or indie in peoples minds.


Ekko is town. That's my read. Feel free to disagree but I'm sticking with it until I feel compelled enough to change my mind. Right now, I don't.
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