Questions & Mysteries For how long have you been following OP?

Honestly I have a short history with the anime. The Kaizoku fansubs starting getting torrented around the time I'd first gotten high speed internet and I quickly got up to Whiskey Peak and stopped at some filler block. Loved the second movie also at the time. I popped back in for Jaya and some of Skypiea but I pretty much stopped watching then. It's interesting that most people starting watching before reading here.
2002/2003 when anime was still aired on TV in its very start of Luffy journey and iirc it stopped at FI when I was on junior high, and never been aired again after that. Long hiatus until 2011 when accidently found the OP episodes saved on my friend laptop, started again and catch up. From there I decided to read the manga..

Ngl it used to be my favorite, I watch a lot of anime during my childhood such Dragon Ball Z, Conan, Naruto, pokemon, digimon etc but only OP which I kept following until now. It drop from my list since I start reading other mangas though. It's bellow Kingdom, Vinland Saga, or even RoR on my personal list now. My most enjoyment to a manga is not there (OP) anymore.

Marine, I guess.
- anywhere from 2008 to 2010 , when One Piece anime was still airing in my country

- it was interesting

- it's the only Manga i read lol .

and , the 5 current/former FA-Admirals
( in order of interest , Ryokugyu Aokiji Fujitora Kizaru Akainu )

i'm also interested in :
• some other Marines ( Garp , Sengoku , Chaton , Momousagi )

• and the World Government , like we still don't know about the powers/abilities of the World Government high rankers even after 1000+ chapters ( Imu , the Gorosei , Kong , CP 0 )

we also know almost nothing about the Mariejois National Treasure ..... ( we don't even know what it is , i think it's likely the strongest Ancient Weapon Uranus though )

- i will be a low profile Civilian , but if i have to choose out of those factions , maybe a Marine soldier or a Warlord , definitely not any of the other 4 though


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Since when did you start OP?
hmm 2008 anime i started reading the manga in 2018 - 2019 if i remember right

Why did you decide to watch/read it?
I actually didn't start from the beginning but i just happend to watch the tv when op was on air, it was Luffy vs Enel, i liked it and started to watch it from the beginning, then i droped it after Marineford ater a while i saw a video on yourube about Kaido's ( in the anime ) introduction and i started to read the Manga when we were almost at the end of WCI when luffy vs Katakuri was at his climax
so i restarted reading it where i stopped watching the anime ( Marineford ) caught up in 2 weeks an started following regularly

Why is it still among your favourite mangas?
I enjoy the story but it's not my favorite manga

Which faction (Revo/Navy/CP/Supernovas/Yonko/Warlords..) do you think suits you the most if you were in One Piece world ?
Warlords - Supernova
Started watching back in 2002 on Tv but it was cancelled in 2003. I found out about the manga in 2009 right before marineford starts and havent stopped ever since.
Still is my favorite manga although the pace is killing me lately.
I dont care about any faction but if i were to choose i would be a bounty hunter.
I watched the 4kids when I was younger. But around 2010 is when I watched the anime until it’s ending. I’ve been week to week every since.
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I started watching when it 1st aired on 4kids tv. I drop it because the dub was so terrible. My brother told me the story gets better. I came back to it during the Drum Kingdom arc.

I shedded tears of joy when Funimation got the rights to the series.

I'm a Supernova fan.

Started reading the manga after Punk Hazard arc ended.
1: 2004 Episode 207 (maybe even before). I lived in Japan and OP aired at night that time right after Kochi Kame.

2: I've got very interested in it's characters, humor, plot, world building and mysteries. Water 7 Saga remains as pinnacle of Oda's writing.

3: Same as question 2^
Like the title says,
Since when did you start OP?
Why did you decide to watch/read it?
Why is it still among your favourite mangas?

Which faction (Revo/Navy/CP/Supernovas/Yonko/Warlords..) do you think suits you the most if you were in One Piece world ?

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2008. It aired before Case Closed iirc. Kuro unpacking his duffel bag to get his claws and fight Luffy at Syrup Village (dub) was the first scene i saw, continued it to Loguetown and then forgot about it for sometime.

2012 got wind of the Marineford hype, eventually searched it up again and (thinking that MF was a random adventure arc) i got the biggest spoiling to date, thus royally fucking the pre timeskip OP experience for me. I had no idea who the hell the Strawhat Grandline recruits were, let alone who the hell the Marines were about to execute lol.

Continuing to read just for the ending.
Since when did you start OP?
Summer of 2014. Naruto was the only manga I read at the time and I was reading weekly chapters on Mangastream. Whenever I went to the comment section there, I'd see comments saying how that week's Naruto chapter was trash and that OP was miles better. Which is weird, because that was when Dressrosa was coming out and nowadays you'll see many people say how Dressrosa was an awful weekly experience.

Why did you decide to watch/read it?
Anyway, I was always annoyed at seeing people praise One Piece every single week. I just wanted to talk about fucking Naruto. That's how I found out that this fandom can be really obnoxious. But I also love being a part of this fandom now, it's a complicated relationship... I wanted to see what everyone was constantly talking about and that's how I decided to start reading One Piece. The rest is history.

Why is it still among your favourite mangas?
Because it's fucking awesome. I'm gonna also say that modern One Piece >>> early One Piece (not including Marineford). Everything post ts is more connected and flows more naturally. It has it's flaws obviously, but so does pre-ts. And I'm honestly tired of seeing people pretend like pre-ts was this absolutely perfect stretch of a story with no flaws whatsoever. If you were to make a poll on what's the worst OP arc, I guarantee you that there'd be a lot more pre-ts arcs being voted than post-ts arcs. There's also a reason why One Piece fans are memed for saying things like "trust me, the show gets better after 127923467 episodes bro". There was A LOT of bullshit happening pre-ts that many fans don't want to recognize due to wearing rose colored glasses. Me saying this doesn't mean that I didn't like One Piece before though. Like many others have said, the world building and mysteries as well as planning that's been put into the series is remarkable. No other series can make me think about it in my free time like One Piece can. I have read many classics and after finishing them, I would think to myself how they were great for the next 2-3 days at most. One Piece on the other hand, lives in my head rent free all the time.

Which faction (Revo/Navy/CP/Supernovas/Yonko/Warlords..) do you think suits you the most if you were in One Piece world ?
I'd be just an ordinary boring ass fodder running away from the Birdcage or someone who is oblivious about Onigashima coming to land on my head.
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One Piece will probably never be forgotten by the majority of the users here and years will swiftly cumulate.
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One Piece will probably never be forgotten by the majority of the users here and years will swiftly cumulate.