Character Discussion For now King has been disappointed

Has king been disappointed?

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Yes King has been disappointing and his portrayal as Kaido's supposedly right hand man has been been quite underwhelming.

It is also unusual for a Zoro potential opponent to be portrayed as that unthreatening before their fight.

However,Since King is still a blank book like Wsw before this chapter,it is quite possible Oda fleshes him out completely in 2 chapters and then have his previous lackluster performances explained in a satisfying way.

Just want King to be portrayed as someone not to be messes with.
Right, he's always to the sides and hasn't done anything big yet, nor seriously dominated anyone. (Marco trapping him looked silly.) I guess Oda has too much to do with smaller characters to build all the action around him. And Kaido needs to get all the hype. We'll probably get a lot of King soon (although with Oda that probably means a lot of static poses).
I kinda like King and I still have hope he'll shine when Oda decides to give him more focus but for now, he hasn't done much. If King fights Zoro, that fight'll show us more of King. If he doesn't fight Zoro and just continues against Marco, we still might learn more about the guy. I'm disappointed but not to a crazy extent and I haven't given up on the guy yet. I'm not worried about King's strength but mainly his character and I hope we see more of it.