News Former editor Naito’s response to OP ending in 5 years

Regarding what Oda said about wanting to end OP in 5 years
The former manga editor and the current media editor Naito said : “why did everyone believe that”, it’s not possible to end it in 5 years.
It’s not that we want to drag anything, there’s just that many plots to deal with. There’s a ton of things we need to do (he also said he knows what the One Piece is).
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Here’s the full translation on what Naito said in that part of the video:
“A while ago, Oda-sensei appeared in a certain youtube video and said something about OP ending in 5 years.”
That was a big news.
“Yeah, and I thought to myself ‘why did everyone believe that? There’s no way’ .”
“Well, it’s not that we want to drag anything, the stories ahead are just that dense, we still have so much to do, to finish all of them in 5 years...
Right now we’re at around Act 2 of Wano country arc, which means from here on we’re getting closer to the core, and this arc is very important for that reason.”
From @ScotchInformer in APF

" -things. Sugita proceeds to reveal that, while he was One Piece's editor, Oda revealed that One Piece was something of a deliberate subversion of Dragon Ball through having a vastly more complex story and characters, while Dragon Ball is a manga infamous for its simplicity. "

" -that Oda's legendary tendency to seed plot developments in through minor details was an influence on keeping the manga interesting, as was making sure the manga had consistent cliffhangers throughout.

I'm going to transcribe the last part to the best of my ability. "

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