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This is where you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. CTRL+F is your best friend if you have a keyword in your question.

This list is not comprehensive, and so if you cannot find the question you need to be answered on this page, please either ask a fellow player or a staff member.
Q. Where do I start? How do I create my character?
A. It is highly recommended that you follow the Comprehensive Character Creation Guide step by step to create your character. Skipping a step may lead to confusion and complications in the future.

Q, Does my character bio need approval?
A. No. There are no character biography approvals. Just create your character sheet in the Approved Biographies section, select an appropriate character name and avatar to represent your character. Ensure at least the basics and a summary paragraph are complete before roleplaying your character.

Q. Who are the One Piece RP Staff?
A. Our administrative staff is @Dragomir, @Dream, @Admiral Lee Hung, and @Frayz. If you need assistance, please feel free to PM us at any time.

Q. May I advertise another role play site, discord role play, or other website on the board and/or in the One Piece discord chat?
A. While we understand that our members may be involved with other role play sites ( be they forum, chat, discord, or anything similar), please do not advertise on the board or in our discord chat without asking and receiving permission from the administrative staff.

Q. How many characters can I have?
A. One. Don’t forget we have just started eventually we get a bigger staff team and more people to help us out to advance this Role-Play to new heights and being able to use more than one character.

Q. Can I be any canonical character?
A. No. This Role-Play is an Alternate Universe RP. This means that the plot of the forum exists in a sort of "parallel universe" of the canon story. You will notice many Important NPCs with similarities to canonical characters. They exist to replicate the atmosphere and story framework presented by Eiichiro Oda in his canon. So, while you cannot be a canon character, you can create a character similar to canon e.g same personalities. (But, we will hope that you will add your own original twist to it.)

Q. Can I be a Yonkou, Admiral, etc.?
A. Absolutely. As your characters grow more powerful and earn influence over the world, they will need to assert this by occupying important world positions.

Q. Can I become the Pirate King?
A. Short answer is no. Requirements for the Pirate King position will become available only once the Role-Play is nearing the end of its lifetime (which may be many years from now). Once a player finds One Piece through the final world event (aka becomes Pirate King), the site's plot will reach its conclusion. So, since there are no current plans to end the site's life cycle, the Pirate King position will remain unavailable.

Q. Can I create a custom Devil Fruit?
A. Yes. You may submit your ideas for a custom Devil Fruit in the submission forum and it may be added to an island NPC at a later date. Just don't expect them to be added to the game in the immediate future.

Q. I've been waiting for approval forever! What do I do?:
A. If you haven't posted in the Approval Forum thread already, please do so first. If you have, and it has taken an unreasonable amount of time for a Game Master to respond to it, please trying PM one of them courteously. Needless to say, you should PM a GM who has been recently active over a GM who hasn't.

Q. Eww, Stats. Do I have to use them?
A. Yes. Stats define your character's capabilities in various situations against varying levels of characters. They give you a good idea of what your character might or might not be able to do against another player. Since we cannot trust in every player's goodwill to cooperate with each other for the sake of a good story and consistent characters, we must resort to such means. The stat system limits players from going over their characters' capacities, but it also assists players in utilizing their characters' full potential.

Q. Is combat absolutely mandatory? Can my character be a pacifist or incapable of fighting?
A. Our system allows a fairly effective method of leveling even if you dislike combat (or your character does). While you will not earn full experience for doing so, you may retreat every time you enter combat.
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