Friendships and bond that should be explored deeper

What are the friendships and bonds between two or more characters that should be exploited and looked upon more in your opinion ?

I admit that I am hungry for more moments between Piccolo and Vegeta, their moment just before Vegeta sacrificed himself against Majin Buu and in Super during the Tournament of Destroyers were really awesome.

Also I kinda miss Gohan and Krilin's interactions with Krilin having been practically a substitute uncle to Gohan during the Saiyan, Namek and Cell sagas though their interactions during the Buu saga and Super were far rarer.

And after the end of the Tournament of Power I would love to see more of Jiren and Toppo's moments after Jiren finally opened to others and after Toppo's flawless trust and friendship toward Jiren even during his lowest moments.
Goten and Trunks, it kind of reminds me of Gon and Killua, they should explore this friendship even deeper, it has potential.
Also Gohan and The saiyan ladies from universe 6.
Goku and Gohan but it's a bit pointless since Goku is not a dad but just someone who happens to have a child.

Goku is a worse father than Ging and no Cell saga will excuse this.