General & Others From Midnight Delight topic, I try to guess social statut of Naruto characters in school ( french reference ). Every village, everybody 12 - 15 y. o.

You are free to try to correct me and make your own assumptions. But precising this is useless right ?

I like Psychology. I make this topic.

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This is what I think are social standards. Not mines.

12 - 15 years old. College in France. So part 1 Naruto.

Naruto :

> Rebellious : good
> Too childish : not good
> Like sports, full of energy : good
> Not popular with girls : meh / not good
> Seems confident, and confident against authority : good
> Too agressive when confronting showing that confidence is possibly just a facade : not good.

No closes friends, will not hang out with weirdos ( he can't relate at all ), will hang out with sports guy without being close to them. Would like close friends.

Sasuke :

> Very good looking
> Rebellious
> Good in sports
> Girls like him
> Is not demanding peers approbation

Popular but everyone distance themselves for him. They just don't get him.
Never really encountered one in real life.
The closest person ( still very far ) I knew seeming likes him was once my best friend. I think he would just generally intimidate everybody around. And create insecurities to the likes of Kankurou ( kind of smart, kind of popular, frightening weaker guys but can't support out of the norm successful ones ).

Sakura :

> Pretty
> Okay smart
> Hang out with popular girls because pretty
> Enjoy being a bitch when with other popular girls
> Don't say a word when alone


Kakashi :

> Like Sasuke bit everybody likes him because he is not intimidating, not so rebellious, and everybody kind of pity him because he seems to be sad all the time while excelling in every academics and sports and having a gentle face.
2 girls are trying to know him more and are attracted to him. ( Temari Tsundere like and Yugao friend like ).

Gaï :

Total weirdo. Goofy. But very fit, extraverty, nice, outgoing and kind of stupid. Not so rebellious. His animal totem is the Golden Retriever. He is popular. Not leader but popular. Hinata likes him.

Asuma :

Leader of a group of guy, the sports popular guys. Popular / very popular. Kind of good looking Kind of shy too. Gentle, playful. Kind of lost in studies but okay grades.
Girls are interested on him and his social aura.

Iruka :

A little like Naruto but okay accepted. Topically only hang out with delinquant guys without being so delinquant himself. Evolve in a full male world. Girls don't aknowlege him, he don't stand out.

Shikamaru :

> Okay looking
> Lazy, not enough energy
> Smart but not a lot of person knows it.
> Don't fight back enough when people confront him
> A popular friend among chill guys but women don't aknowlege him and find him even a little wierd.

Choji :

> Fat
> Weak when confronted
> Gentle

Has some friend among chill guys. Evolve exclusively in a male world. Girls don't remember his name. If in a class with mean guys, people will insult him of fat one.

Ino :

> Fight with Temari for the statuts of Leader of pretty popular girls
> Super bitchy but not evil. It's just a habit.
> Cool girl when not around her group of bitch
> Very pretty

Hinata :

> Creepy
> Okay look
> Okay, or just a little above the mean grades.
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> Hinata is not liked by most girls of the school
> Kurenai hang out with her, they are the nerd girls
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Kiba :

> A nuisance, agressive with everybody outside the norms
> Lack of self confidence
> Authority complex
> Will 85% end up Policeman - 15% Forest Ranger ( with the power of screaming at every poor people walking in the forest )

Not popular with anyone, accepted in the delinquant group though.
Clumsy and fearful with girls.

Shino :

> Weirdo Inscet Geek
> Okay looking
> Self assertive
> Generally a stable reassuring guy

Friend ( a little ) with most guy while generally self absorbed
He will end up with a nerd girl, not Kurenai and probably not Hinata. Karui and him could give a try.

Darui :

Most popular guy in school

> Tall, good looking, probably will try to make music, good in sports, gentle, his best friend Ae could be the leader of the Sports guy as well as Asuma
> Regularly have girlfriends but he don't want serious relationship yet.

His teacher, kind of ask him to make more effort while estimating him

Sometimes he try to be friend with Kakashi ( without the pity part )
He often faces existential crisis, will reluctantly gives a go at buddhism and suffer from depression soon enough

Ae :

> Agressive, kind of crazy, guy estimate him, or are intimidated by him, all the girls fear him, Temari will possibly try to assert dominance at some point. He will possibly kills her.
Guys like him.
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Samui :

> Nobody gets her. She is distant, good looking, a little smart. Feels alone.

Killer Bee :

> Good looking, sport guy, focus all his energy in making it big in music.
2, 3 mother complex girls become his girlfriend and he then dump them
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Kankurou :

> Agressive, okay looking, cunning, good in sports, some pople thinks he is a psychopath for his wierd loves of puppets and creepy stuff. Asuma don't like him, Killer Bee don't approach him.
If alone with Shikamaru, he don't feels so confident.

Temari :

> Agressive
> Good looking
> She afraid some boys and is sad about it
> Not a so good person
> Ino rival in popular girls leadership
> Good in sports
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