Break Week Fujitora apogl letter

Honestly fujitora and aramaki both are mad sus and look like insiders
Fuji abolished the system for the sake of commoners and lunarians are now so close to the wg much more than ever. Who could say they would not go rogue or bacome a new kuma obeying
On the other hand aramaki walking to a sure defeat matchup present in wano with ideologies that make zero sense and just enrage the enemy only to test the amount of security available in wano instead of waiting for a better chance after everyone left wano looked nothing like what an admiral would do (also why would someone whom has zero fs given towards akainu's order go to this sudden extreme?)
what if these two are the masterminds behind sword and have a grand scheme like a coup for navy?
Fujitora is a rat and nothing he does works properly for the WG.

The SSG was used just against Boa (maybe because she is stronger with her hax) and they failed. They didn't capture anyone. They are strong? Sure. Did they manage to fulfil their mission? Nope.

Dozens if not hundreds/thousands of marines died as fodders while fighting Buggy, Croc, Mihawk and Boa. On panel half a dozen ships sank because of BB, Croc and Daz bones.

Letting Sabo escape let to revs getting a fresh restart and more and more countries are rebelling. Since they hate the WG and nobles, they are ground for more anti-marine propaganda and bounty hunters. This is because:

Marines are now being hunted like pirates. They can't even trust civilians anymore. Worse, what sane person will even think of joining the marines after this fiasco? Specially since Akainu seem to be a disciple of zach brannigan and thinks that enemies are like killbots and will shut down after killing enough soldiers.

Fujitora does not deserve to be a admiral and is just a undercover rev. No one could be this incompetent by mistake.