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Don't mind it!
You see...
what i want to destroy....
is the system itself!

I want to tell you guys a tale, a tale about who i consider to be the best character in one piece. A character just recently introduced in the grand scheme of things, but one that already served to shake the foundations of the one piece world already, and i feel its only the begining in his quest to purge a corrupt system and instaure true justice back to its original calling, serve and protect.

So without further ado, lets get this party rolling.

Lets start with something simple that cemented him as one of my favorites, this scene.


What is being humble? According to the cambridge dictionary, humility means the feeling or attitude that you have no special importance that makes you better than others. It is also a lack of personal pride.

Fujitora or Issho, embodies humility and selflessness.
He is what, in a perfect world, a marine should be like. This post of mine will focus on two things:

-Personality and How he moved the world-


Fujitora's first appearance was at the very begining of dressrossa, where the then warlord doflamingo was residing. He was sent there to monitor the situation surrounding Doflamingo's apparent resignation from the warlords as well as law's alliance with luffy.
We get his name dropped, and his epithet, Purple Tiger.

Fast forward to his second appearance, the straw hats are dinning in a casino of sorts and while they are talking about their next course of action, we observe this blind old man,gambling.

First impressions we have is that of a feeble old man getting conned out of his money by unsavory individuals.We also get a glimpse on something about this man in purple, he seems to love gambling.

They seem to have found an easy prey, in their eyes, and are intent on milking him for all he's worth.That is, until luffy intervened by outright telling Fujitora that he actually won.

The following is where we start understanding that this is no ordinary old man. Following luffy's intervention, the thugs try to attack him, leading fujitora to defend him and exert an unknown power on them.

A man who's clearly seen horrible things in his life, so horrible that he seems thankfull about being blind.

What marks this moment for me is how trusting Fuji was towards the people talking to him, you can call it naivety but i think its his overral desire to see good in people that leads him to think this way.
He believed the thugs extorting him, and he believed luffy who helped him. In the end, it all boiled down to whom he perceived to be evil after their actions.

This is his moral compass, he does not judge prematurely, he was sent to stop luffy and law and he had the perfect opportunity to do so right then and there, but he decided not to. Because of what luffy did, he changed his mind. He is showing that he isnt as zealous as akainu nor does he just follow orders like kizaru, he waits to see people's actions before making a decision.

His noted love for gambling is also something we will get to see more of in the future.

At this point we do not know yet who this man is, all we know is that he is a strong man with a certain inclination for justice/good.

We officially get his reveal on his third appearance.

This is when things start getting interesting in regards to fuji's personality. We see him here, sitting in the crowd. A nameless man in a sea of others, this highlights his belief that he is no different from anyone else. Nor does he think being an admiral gives him power or authority over his fellow men and women.

He's just sitting there, gathering information on whom is participating,because while it is his duty to arrest luffy and law, it is also his sworn duty to protect the people of the world, and he cant very much leave so many big name pirates roam free, most of them have committed or will commit heinous crimes, so might as well scoop them up too.

Once he felt he did a sufficient amount of recon, he moves out to meet up with doffy who is on the way to meet law. It is in this panel that we start wondering if he is the new admiral, Fujitora, sent by akainu? Not many marines can order battleships to come by, and it seemed like he could order more than 3 but decided that those were enough for now. That and the fact that he has A sick ass coat.

And there it is! Before dissecting this panel, let us divert our eyes into this small intro box for our man:
Admiral fujitora( also known as Issho). I find his name interesting because while looking for material to use for this post, i found this gem.

The Shō in Issho is also the Sino-Japanese reading of the character for “victory” (勝). Its native Japanese reading is katsu, possibly referring to the actor Shintaro Katsu (勝新太郎). As the son of a kabuki performer, Katsu starred as blind masseur and swordsman Zatoishi in a series of 26 films. Chronicling the journey of a former yakuza gangster, Zatoichi wanders as he lives the rest of his life a good man as a way to atone for his past mistakes and defend the innocent.

And from what we saw from fuji so far, he does fit the bill, he has a sword, is blind, and seems to have a past he regrets while also going out of his way to defend the innocent.

Now onto the panel itself. After declaring his intention to bring in military force and arrest violent pirates, he then completely switches gears and centers his orders around having enough medical staff to help those who get injured as well as wanting a head count of in quick succession, the number of people in the Colosseum, the number of people of the town and the number of people in the entire island. He is more concerned about that than the quick glance over some pirates he decided to catch. Compare that to akainu who wouldnt really care much about casualties as long as he achieves his goal or kizaru who wont go out of his way to avoid them either if he deems it bothersome enough. And we have a winner. A true navy man, the admiral figure that Cobby aspires to be in my opinion.

And you can tell that the navy has grown complacent and somewhat rotten in its view of what it is that their duty truly is. Instead of it being People>Pirates, it switched to Pirates> People and damn the casualties.
And fuji points it out super well in the last panel when the marine soldier questions him if doing all that to preserve civilians is really necessary.

To fujitora his duty to serve and protect comes first.

And thats how it should always be.
This sounds the end of the first part of my character study of Fujitora,
Ill be back later with a part 2 dissection of his character and then we shall go on to how he inflluenced the world at large with his actions.

Thanks for reading this
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Jew D. Boy

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Excellent work as expected, @Fujishiro!! You’ve already done your half-namesake proud :cheers:
I’m not gonna lie, I never imagined I’d actually have to argue for Bonney when I put her on my list. Due to my hubris, as well as her fairly limited role in the series so far, these posts will be significantly shorter and much more speculative than what I gave y’all last round. This will make it easier (and hopefully more enjoyable) for you to read them, but more importantly, it’ll be easier for me to write them :kayneshrug:

The Eleven Supernovas have been a source of great entertainment and speculation ever since they were revealed in the Sabaody Archipelago more years ago than I’d like to acknowledge. We were already extremely familiar with two of them, and the other nine captivated the fandom as a new source of untapped potential in terms of both the story of One Piece and the powers they would display.

When the Straw Hats hit this cluster of islands, at the time just a stop on their way to Fishman Island, they (and we in turn) became aware of eight other pirate crews who had arrived there at almost the same time. These crews were led respectively by eight rookies who could match Luffy in strength as well as notoriety, each of them amassing a bounty of over 100 million Berries before reaching the passage to the New World. Each one was given a moment to shine as we met them, establishing them all to be as bold and unpredictable as the straw hat.

Of all the members of what we’d come to know as the Worst Generation (no, I’m NOT talking about all of us, get over your vain selves 😒) that we see, one was easy to overlook at first glance. Maybe she was dismissed because she is a “she,” her introduction not as important to some readers as all the men. Maybe it’s because the first thing we see her do is stuff her face with copious amounts of food, a gag that was exhausted long before then in this shonen manga and damn near every other. Maybe it’s because a few of her peers were clearly meant for something greater in the course of the main narrative, although that wasn’t as obvious right away as it is in hindsight.

Despite mostly going unseen in the story, there’s more to her than meets the eye, both metaphorically and biologically. In a very small number of panels, we learn enough about her to make some intriguing inferences for what’s in store for her as well as the tale unfolding behind Luffy’s antics. Even though she may not be a major character, Jewelry Bonney is very likely a figure of great importance in the One Piece world, and whatever her role may be moving forward, there’s a strong chance that she will be a factor in bringing down the World Government.

Even though we know just a little bit more about her now than we did at her introduction, that first sighting can give us a hint of what’s to come. Bonney is standoffish, voracious, and demanding; she probably had to work harder than her compatriots in the Worst Generation to earn that recognition purely by the fact that she’s a woman, so a brash personality is necessary to maintain the reputation of a Supernova. While her bounty is the second lowest of the group (apologies to the Urouge stans out there :madmonk:), we know that the reward on someone’s head is not directly proportional to their strength, only their notoriety.

To that end, Bonney’s relatively meager bounty was possibly reached by design - as a woman AND a pirate, it behooves her to not do too much lest she be hounded by some of the bigger names in the OP world that would seek to tear her down. Considering this, it’s impressive that someone of her stature was able to fly under the Marines’ radar as she and her crew traversed the first half of the Grand Line. Moreover, it seems as though she didn’t have any other heavy hitters in her crew like most Supernovae, making it all the more astounding that she got to Sabaody with a nine-digit bounty. By portrayal, this is a crew that should have been obliterated just going up or down Reverse Mountain...nevertheless, she (and she alone) persisted.

It’s telling that Oda, a man known for creating dozens more characters every arc than he demonstrably knows what to do with, decided that Bonney would be able to justify her existence on her own. She doesn’t have a Zoro, a Bepo, a Killer, a Vito, or even a Faust; her gang of buccaneers was so inconsequential, we literally only see them cowering in the face of her massive appetite, beaten and bloody at the hands of a future Yonko, and then never again after her capture and escape from the Marines.

Ever since that fateful encounter and until her appearance at the Reverie, we basically only see Bonney in quick glimpses on winter islands, evading the naval officers constantly searching for her and eating all the pizza her insatiable stomach desires. She’s just roaming around the New World, a place so fraught with danger that most hopeful contenders for the title of freest man (or woman) on the seas turn back shortly upon entering it if they even get that far, with little more than the clothes on her back and the Devil Fruit in her body. While she may not yet have any known “feats” that the Boys in the Battledome hold so dear, we can gather that she’s at least strong and - more importantly - smart enough to survive in the roughest terrains.

So, without any battles on which to judge her abilities, let’s focus on her intelligence. Bonney doesn’t exactly have much competition when it comes to the cognitive abilities of her peers - the two from the Straw Hats are both morons, and outside of Law and Bege, she seems to be the least reckless of the group, as she realizes that calling more attention to herself is an easy way to get killed. Never is this on display any better than when she saves Zoro from incurring the wrath of the Celestial Dragons.

Just before Charlos fires a shot at our favorite green-haired swordsman, we see several other people there who have the power to stop the events before they unfold, but perhaps not the courage, or at least not the desire. Apoo, Bege, Hawkins, and Urouge all appear at the scene before and after, commenting on Zoro’s foolish maneuver while (aside from a brief acknowledgement from Bege) denying Bonney the credit she deserves for her quick thinking. I won’t get too much into the political correctness thing, because I know nothing turns some of you weebs off faster than being confronted by your outdated concept of gender roles, but it shows a huge amount of ingrained sexism that those guys are more interested in pointing out Zoro’s potential and killing aura than they are Bonney’s saving all of them from certain destruction. I doubt this was a conscious choice on Oda’s part when you factor in his own track record with the ladies he draws, but it’s an interesting message nonetheless.

In a flash, Bonney formulates and executes a surprisingly effective plan - she uses her powers to alter her age enough that she’s believable as an innocent child, knocks Zoro out of the way while seamlessly splashing him with “blood” to make it seem like Charlos had successfully shot the man (he even wonders himself if the bullet actually made contact), and cries in a way that gives off the impression that her brother has been killed as a result of crossing a Celestial Dragon. With this act, she defuses what could have been a catastrophic situation and even pacifies Charlos before he could do anything rash (well, more rash than shooting someone in public for simply walking in his way). It’s truly a magnificent performance, made all the more impressive by the fact that it was entirely improvised.

Afterwards, we see her briefly chiding Zoro for his poor judgment (while pondering about his true nature, because again, Oda never met the fictional woman he couldn’t write totally in the service of a man’s story). This is all par for the course, but she says something so innocuous, yet extremely curious, I almost didn’t catch it. As the marimo walks away, Bonney observes that she’s never heard of a pirate saving someone, despite the fact that she literally did that moments prior to this panel. She is herself a pirate, and she saved many someones right beforehand. Well, the second part is definitely true...but is the first??

Jumping forward a bit in time (two years, to be precise), we all know that Bonney managed to infiltrate Mariejois during the Reverie by posing as Conney, the queen dowager of the Sorbet Kingdom in South Blue. The alias is flimsy at best, but her skills in age manipulation help her blend in seamlessly with the royalty. It doesn’t take long for us to learn the true nature of her presence there - she ends up running into (and then away from) Roswald riding atop a man she knows even better than we do: the ruined and miserable Bartholomew Kuma.

Although it may have been blunted by the emotional impact of seeing a character most of us enjoy in such a state of disrepair, we learn a few pieces of information that could eventually prove seismic. Not only do we see Bonney masquerading as a regent of the Sorbet Kingdom, we’re also told that the place is where Kuma used to reign. It was already known that he was considered a “tyrant” before joining the Revolutionaries and then giving himself over to the World Government, but this was the first time we heard the name of his former kingdom, and it comes hot on the heels of hearing that name attached to Bonney. When the two South Blue natives encounter one another, the only person aware of their connection rushes away and morphs back into the woman we recognize before swearing revenge on the monsters responsible for making the other unaware of anything.

I didn’t know this before looking it up for the post you’re reading, so I’d like to note that a queen dowager implies not only Bonney’s presumptive position atop the Sorbet Kingdom hierarchy, but also the fact that she is a widow. While Kuma is technically “dead,” he is likely not the deceased king that would make “Conney” a relict as he still exists in some form. Going purely off these facts, here’s what we can assume until further notice:
  • Bonney and Conney are two sides of the same coin, the former persona used to allow the latter to operate freely without drawing suspicion to the Sorbet Kingdom
  • Bonney’s husband, the former king, died at some point in the past
  • Kuma ascended to the throne by some unknown means before abdicating to the life we know him to have led
If all this proves true, there’s really only one major conclusion to take from this in the context of her rescue mission - Kuma is Bonney’s son. Assuming this, we can tie it back to the point made above; Bonney (and perhaps Kuma as well) was forced to turn to piracy, something she doesn’t fully believe in, so she could find her long lost child. This shows a great deal of Bonney’s character in that she’s a caring mother, has a moral compass that will not allow her to sit idly by as the world destroys her offspring, and can ably pull off whatever schemes necessary, even going as far as crashing a gathering of every king and queen in power as they congregate in the holiest of lands, to achieve her goal.

In the next post, I will dive a little deeper into this theory, as well as explain why I think Bonney will give up her life on the seas for something greater than becoming Pirate King - I speak, of course, of revolution. Until then, I await Fuji’s response with bated breath!!


Don't mind it!
Right, so where were we? Ah yes. We were talking about what makes fujitora into such a great character.

And for that i'd like to continue talking about his personality, but there is a catch about this 2nd part. Im going to divide it into 3 parts:

1-The Meeting at greenbit.

2-The Straw hats attack

3-How he moved the world (post doflamingo defeat)

As i believe these 3 points are pivotal in showing us the personality shift and character development fujitora undergoes with his perception towards the straw hats.And reaffirms his already existing desires, desires which will be expanded upon below.

Alright then, now that i've explained everything let's dive into the thick of things.

1- The Meeting at greenbit.

While trafalgar law was waiting on the shore to proceed with the exchange of ceasar with doffy, he receives a call from sanji telling him that doffy hasnt left the warlords at all, and that this was all a ruse to lure him here. While at the same time we see fujitora and doffy coming in. The man sent to apprehend both doffy and law, was coming, Intent on fulfilling his duty and put two dangerous criminals behind bars.

Only, as is it in life, things dont always go as planned. Here we have fujitora, someone who was shown to be honorbound, being told by his superior that not only the marines were duped(likely by the WG itself), but that they were not to touch doffy anymore.

Doffy arrives at last, prompting Ceasar clown to react to him, at the same time as fujitora arrived. He seems to recgonize Ceasar( a man responsible for horrible crimes), but says nothing about the whole situation while law and doffy exchange words. Because, after all, doffy here is his ''ally'', someone who serves the WG and ''defends'' the people against fellow pirates and criminals alike, but is that really the case i wonder?

The man, with the help of the WG, manipulated the news and wasted marine ressources, for the sake of personal revenge. That, in fujitora's eyes, is not something someone supposed to be an ally of the marines would do. This whole part is important because it illustrates very well how much corruption is going on behind the scenes within the WG and the problem that the warlord system is increasingly shown to be causing for the marines.

Dofflamingo reitterates ceasar( a known and heinous criminal)'s importance to him. To which fuji, accepts that he cant do much about him as he is under doffy technically.

But even tho he doesnt have the means to attempt an arrest towards any one of them, he still doesnt miss the chance to subtly express, that he is no fool,even goes as far as accusing doffy of doing things that are in violation of what a warlord is meant to be.They are not free to act as pirates and continue criminal activity, and he is implying that doffy is doing just that.

This is the last tidbit of importance,to fujitora, the straw hats and law are up to nefarious deeds, he sees law with ceasar and so of course he would need to act accordingly.
Now im going to stray away from this part and move on to the next, as i believe i highlighted the important parts, being fuji's moral compass in action, he is now in the initial impressions and analysis proccess of what it is thats actually going on with this incident that his mission is centered upon.

2-The Straw hats attack

I will not bore you with the details of the story behind doffys rise to power,and how he usurped the previous king.To make things short,
Doffy's family used to be celestial dragons, hence his power over the WG and having them lie about his resignation, and before their ascension they used to be the rulers of dressrossa. Thus he came to get it back from the current ruling family, and through nefarious deeds, managed to appear as the hero liberating the country from its evil king. When it was all a plot by him and caused by him.

Now that that's said, id like to highlight this moment:

The strawhats ( the supposed bad guys) are fighting for this country's future and to save their friends, while doffy ( the supposed good guy) is causing havoc, performing a public execution for everyone to see.

After protecting doffy, he shows regret about having to be on the attack against people who helped him, yes it is his duty to fight pirates and doffy is his ally, but we all learned by now that this man isnt just the type to follow orders blindly, without ever questioning them or showing remorse. Both doffy and fuji then go up to the palace carrying law.

And now, we have a man. Who was shown since the start of the arc. As being honorbound, someone who will not pass judgement prematurely and who will wait to see how people act before making a decision. You could say his blindness is as much figurative as it is apparent, he is blind justice. First impressions wont work on him because he litteraly cannot see.

Having stayed mostly silent during the entire exchange between doffy/law straw hats, quietly assessing the situation. We get this epic scene.

Straight up calls Doffy out on his bullshit. Dictates his desire to ABOLISH THE SHISHIBUKAI, a group who while we were following the straw hats, was shown to cause nothing but trouble to everyone around them, quite different from their intended role. Peacekeepers, the same as marines. And since fuji, with his own nonextistent eyes, witnessed how corrupt dressrossa was and also knowing the past misdeed of this particular group, comes out and says it as it is:
The marines has no need for pirates to help it maintaint the peace. It is a flawed system, that must be corrected. Even if it means disrupting the so called balance of power, it is still the correct course of action. To get rid of the venom while its stil time, and not let it infect the entire body.

The openly threatens him with the upcoming reverie, subtly hinting at him intending to use it as an opportunity to bring out his agenda for all the Kings and Queens of the world to see.

Id like to fast forward towards this scene now,

I know i know, wth are you doing man? Why fastforward so far, well.. i felt there was nothing really substantial there for me to go through. But during this scene, while luffy and the straw hats are going up to the plateau to fight doffy and his execs, fujitora. The man who was supposed to get ''rid'' of them is here, playing with sabo. Even sabo himself is wondering what is actually going on through fuji's head, Sabo here is going all out trying to stop fuji from going after the straw hats, but the navy admiral doesnt even show any inkling of actually wanting to go there, as we only see him dodge/block here and there and mostly just chilling. And while Sabo and we,the viewers are wondering about this. Fuji answers himL: Come hell or hig water, you must be prepared to risk your own neck. If you lose your dice, thee game is over before it evens begins.

This is where is love of gambling gets brought back again, he gambles money, he gambles his standing in the marines by openly declaring his intention to go against the WG and its wants, bypassing them entirely and appealing to the rightfull (in his mind) rulers of this world. And now, gambling that since he himself cannot go against doffy in a suitable manner due to his status as an ally, and even if he were to do so, it would just be another alabasta cover up where the marines get the credit and these crimes are never revealed to the public.So, he is gambling that luffy will deal with doffy instead of him. Its all about fate baby.

And finally, the llast part of this entire ordeal

3-How Fujitora moved the world (post doflamingo defeat)

Doffy is laying on the ground,defeated by luffy. But who is taking him in? Who seems to be on site? Its the navy. After seeing this, the viewers wonder if this is just gonna be a repeat of Alabasta? Where the marines take the credit for something the straw hats did.Is the WG going to continue pretending that all is well and lie to its citizens?

What's this? Fuji said not to report doffy's capture to the marines yet? What's going on? As the reader is as puzzled as these navy soldiers, we see someone appearing on the screen.

The madman is actually doing it! He's really going through with this and is tired of the way the WG has been handling this whole warlord debacle.Its easy to silence one island and spread fake news outside of it. But it becomes much harder when surrounding islands witness whats happened too! You cant silence everyone. And that was the angle fuji was going for, and now while people watch in horror the devastation left by doffy and his executives, onto an island they, as ''allies'' of the WG are supposed to protect. It becomes much, much harder to hide the truth. And so we see this soldier, being order to take a visual snail and follow fuji with it. We as readers are alreeady in shock at what's happening,because the navy/WG usually hides/lies about information about whats been happening in the world. So we're wondering what's the next trick up fuji's sleeve.

And there we have it, fujitora, the highest fighting force of the WG and someone with immense authority and influence, is admitting that the chaos here was indirectly caused by the WG for letting someone as heinous as doffy, run free, using his cover as warlord to do whatever criminal activity he wanted. I'd like you to remember that he is being filmed right now and broadcasted to a few hundred of thousands of people at the bare minimum, possibly more. For what's to come, is my favorite scene in this manga.

Yes, dear reader. It is the very first picture i posted. And now, after going through the way fuji was molded and shown throughout this arc to be a valorous and honorbound man, who values innocent lives over all else.You get to see this man, with all his power and status,
humbly prostrate himself while being filmed for the world to see and apologize on behalf of the World Government for the horrible misdeeds they let happen to the people they were supposed to protect!

Even king riku, an actual royal, is shocked to see someone such as fujitora bow in this manner. Even goes as far as to ask him why he wants the world to see a top official of the government debasing himself in this way. He goes to wonder if he choose not to act on doffy because he,in fact, wanted this moment, one where the atrocities that the WG lets happen, to be unveiled. He wanted the truth to be laid bare. That was his gamble.
He even goes to point the hypocricy of his actions, how could he go after doffy when he let luffy and his allience run wild onto dressrossa. He just couldnt see it fit to act on one and not the other, and so he left it all to fate.

Now having said all that, the WG was not going to be too pleased about this. And none other than akainu is shown berrating fuji for his action

He explains full well that a marine admiral admitting fault hold extreme weight for t he public's perception. Its almost as is the WG was admitting fault itself, and that he shouldve reported to headquarters first before taking any action. To which, fuji the absolute madlad, retorts that if he indeed did so the news coming out would be way different that what he so rightfully displayed.We see a scene of him listening to smoke's words, perhaps those were the ones that influenced him into this course of action?

Well well, it seems here our boy Akainu would rather save face than admitting fault and trying to correct himself and the navy. Its an interesting contrast that showcases my deep belief that Fuji is the man who should in akainu's post, right now.And while i believe akainu is effective when dealing with pirates, he is not so much when it comes to protecting the lives of the people he is sworn to do so.
I want you feel what i felt when i saw this upcoming scene. Here we are, reading once piece since the begining, and seeing multiple times the WG do the shadiest actions possible. Time and time again. Alabasta, wate 7, allowing slavery, covering up the fact that dangerous criminals have escaped from the world's worst prison and are now in hiding in multiple countries,etc.

We are tired of the WG and the navy at this point, bar a few good apples(like aokiji/coby/smoker) the rest are either complicit or plain enablers who do nothing about the rot thats been infesting their organization for centuries now. So im reading this, and im rolling my eyes reading the absolute innane excuses akainu is spouting. Thinking, man you have no dignity in the first place, word for word is what i was thinking.
And then fuji, like the savage animal that he is, says this gem. One of my favorite quotes of this series:

:finally:, this man is a legend. I dont understand why i even need to stan him anymore than this. The man had a dream, and his dream was to kick the warlords out of the WG and make them pay for it. And you know what? It worked!

Now you must be like, but fuji, Issho's dream is all well and all, but can he really do it? Can he pull this off?

*Pulls out a megaphone* He did it! I repeat, the man saw the bullshit and absolute filth running rampant throughout the WG and deicded, nuh uh, im gonna get rid of all them fool. and he fucking did it! He is the one man in one piece as of this moment that has achieved his stated goal! The man is an absolute Chad and should be reverred for being so.

Thats it, im done :fransuper:
Close this spite thread!

All in all, this to me shows a man on a mission, who has seen untold perils, perils so horrible that he physically blinded himself, allowing him to trully see people for who they really are and only judge them by their actions. And this mission of his was a success.

I want to end this by addressing something. My comrade jew mentioned how Bonney's role will be pivotal in the final war and how she most likely will join the revolution against the WG. But i want to raise him someone whom i believe will be even more important than her.
Thats right, im referring to fujitora here. He is clearly not done, the abolition of the warlords system was the first step. He's shown clear disdain for the WG throughout the manga, is probably a part of the secret oraganization within the marines, sword. And i firmly believe he is going to turn against the marines and lead a section of it against the rest and the WG as luffy's ally in the final war.
Only for him to end up as the next FA by the end of the series with coby as an admiral under him.

Thats is what i believe, and these are my thoughts.

Thanks for reading this really long post, i didnt really have the time to make it a quality one but i hope you all like it.

Much love.
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Again, I feel the need to make this disclaimer - based on her limited role in the series, my intent here is not to make a case for Bonney as the best character in the series, or even better than Fujitora, who received more development in his lone arc than Bonney’s gotten in a real-time decade. I’m simply pointing out the ways in which she deserves more credit than she’s given, as well as highlight a scenario in which she’s more important in the series than anyone currently expects. I appreciate y’all giving me enough rope to imagine some wild stuff here, and I promise I will not hang any of us with it :robinsweat:

As I began to explain last time, we can infer that Bonney, a Supernova of great renown without too many stated accomplishments to her name, serves a greater purpose in the overarching story of One Piece than is readily apparent by the main narrative therein. She is likely both a member of the quasi-aristocracy that serves at the discretion of the detestable Celestial Dragons AND a driving force in the opposition against the very same.

So how would her role as the queen dowager of the Sorbet Kingdom impact the state of affairs in the OP world? Well, we’re aware that the rulers of any given country are privy to many secrets that the general public doesn’t know about; the Nefetaris have long kept the Poneglyph containing instructions on how to resurrect Pluton hidden away underneath Alabasta’s capital of Alubarna, Doflamingo obviously lulled the entire citizenry of Dressrosa into a false sense of serenity so they would not learn of his myriad crimes, and it’s doubtful anyone outside of the audience knows how Stelly ascended to the highest position of power in the Goa Kingdom. Because of the nebulous connection between kings/queens and the families of the 20 original regents who brought down the Great Kingdom, there’s a good chance that a certain understanding has been formed between the Celestial Dragons and the people between them and the commoners in the social structure.

When Bonney was captured by Blackbeard just before the timeskip, she was spared one hell by way of another - the Marines sent Akainu to retrieve her from Teach. The then-admiral says that a “chill went down [his] spine” when he heard that Bonney was running free. All of this begs the greater question...why is Bonney so valuable to the World Government that they would not only negotiate with a known pirate and dangerous murderer, but send one of their strongest underlings to ensure she doesn’t escape en route? For that matter, how would Blackbeard know that she has this much value to the people in charge? Sure, it could just be that she’s a rookie on the rise with a high price on her head, a light they could extinguish solely to serve as an example to anyone else who wants to take control of the seas.

However...the possibility remains that Bonney is singularly in possession of some knowledge that would be truly monumental if exposed to the world. I won’t go so far as to speculate WHAT these secrets could be, but if she was once a royal, there’s no telling what information she may have.

Actually, you know what?? Something hit me as I wrote this post that never would have occurred to me if I wasn’t thinking so much about her - what if Bonney’s age fluctuation is the very reason why the WG wants her under their control?? This is a little galaxy brain-y, so bear with me.

Several years ago, we were informed of the true nature of another Supernova’s Devil Fruit; the Ope Ope no Mi, famously eaten by (or force fed to) Trafalgar Law, allowed the wielder to provide someone else with immortality at the cost of the user’s life. Much has been theorized about potential previous usages of this power, most notably where it concerns Im, the shadowy and mysterious “true” ruler of the world, and the Gorosei, the five men thought to be the highest ranking global authority before his reveal. We have never seen the former’s face, but we know that the latter dudes look the same today as they did 22 years ago during the Buster Call on Ohara. Seeing as they appeared elderly a couple of decades ago, it’s worth noting that don’t appear to age.

Bonney’s biggest accomplishment in this series thus far, at least in terms of what she can do in a fight, was back in her first arc of existence. She clowns the Marines pursuing her crew by turning some into children and others into seniors.

When spotted, she laughs and expresses what sounds like satisfaction at what she’s wrought.

Again, I may be pulling at a thread that only unravels my own mind...but what if she isn’t expressing jubilation, but rather genuine surprise? I posit that Bonney obtained her powers just prior to becoming a pirate, possibly in her role as the leader of Sorbet. This could explain her monumental appetite (a stomach that is forever caught in flux between eating for a child AND for an adult would hardly ever be satisfied) as well as her being surprised that her powers worked on someone after only trying them out a few times. Perhaps the Devil Fruit she consumed is like Law’s in that it allows the user to stop the aging process of others in the same way that it can accelerate or decelerate the same. Maybe Im and the Gorosei are not made impervious to biology through the Ope Ope no Mi, but rather the Devil Fruit that Bonney ate?

It could be that the eternal politicians hid this power in a nondescript place so nobody would ever find it and use those powers to take them down...somewhere people wouldn’t think to look, like a relatively unknown country in the South Blue. People travel to the Grand Line in search of untold treasure, but fewer folks seem to pillage the four seas surrounding it. It’s why Kuro and Arlong both targeted villages in East Blue for their dastardly undertakings, and it’s why someone could stash things away in one of these places while feeling comfortable in the knowledge that they aren’t likely to be found.

To tie everything together between this post and the last, my theory is this: Bonney truly is Conney, the queen of the Sorbet Kingdom; she and her husband, the former king, are Kuma’s parents; said monarch died at some point and in some manner; Kuma became king in his father’s place, but became disillusioned with the lies of the World Government and abdicated to join the Revolutionaries; Conney, fearing for her son’s life, consumed the Devil Fruit entrusted to her by that same organization her son opposes (likely so they would have to eliminate her and spare him) and turned to a life of piracy under an assumed name and with a much younger face so she could find him. I know, it’s a stretch, but Oda likes to throw curveballs after feeding us a few breadcrumbs, so consider this me leaning into the pitch.

In the interest of concluding before things get even wilder, I’ll finish by predicting what Bonney will do as One Piece comes to a close. First, I believe she’ll have played a part in rescuing Kuma at the Reverie, maybe escaping as his friends in the resistance square off against the unseen Ryokugyu and the other guy in this debate; from there, reunited with her son and without any reason to either continue sailing as a pirate OR returning to a kingdom that likely won’t have her family back, she and Kuma will fully and publicly join the Revolutionaries; whenever Luffy finally makes contact with Dragon, Bonney will be present and just as willing to lay her life on the line for his father’s cause as anyone else; together, the Straw Hats and the freedom fighters will finally smash the regressive power network of the government and bring in a new dawn for the entire world. As they say, the fires of sweeping societal change start with a small spark, and Bonney’s actions could be the key to unsnarling the core of this story.

I know this is a lot to digest, and is purely conjectural. We still need to see more of Bonney to know if any of this could feasibly be true, or if there are other currently unknown aspects of her personality that make her less of a fit for joining the resistance. Even so, there is more than a little evidence that Bonney could end up having a larger impact on the OP world than most of her contemporaries, and I hope we will learn even more about this fascinating woman sooner rather than later.
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