Questions & Mysteries "Fulfilling a dream even if it means dying", is this how we can recognize a real CoC user ?

Throughout the series, from memory, there's only 3 Straw Hats claiming to be ready to die if it makes them able to fulfill their dreams : Luffy, Zoro and Usopp (I don't have the energy to find all the related panels, sorry 🙏).

Therefore, among the crew, they got the most focus on their development towards their dreams and each of them will have an arc highlighting their ambitions :
- Usopp ➡️ Elbaf
- Zoro ➡️ (end of) Wano / Shimotsuki Village
- Luffy ➡️ Laugh Tale

There's also the only ones to have the dispositions to be a Conqueror as other WG members already demonstrated :
- Zoro
Do you think it's possible that Zoro unlocks Conqueror Haki? I think there have been plenty of moments in the series that show he has the qualities of a King/conqueror.


- in his original meeting with Luffy, he says he will kill him if he stands in the way of his dream.
- he says he wants to become so great that his name reaches the HEAVENS.

- when seemingly meeting his end against Mihawk, he chooses to look death in the face and greets it.
- challenging the WSS and even when so outclassed, he does not flee from the battle. He does not submit and makes Mihawk remember his name.

- At Whiskey Peak, he refuses to join Baroque Works unless they make him the LEADER.

- At Enies Lobby, he openly tells the World Government (the highest ranked power) that they will never get a chance to kill him again.

- At Water 7, he also tells Luffy that Usopp MUST apologise for disrespecting the position of captain and that he will LEAVE the crew if Usopp is allowed to join back without an apology.

- At Thriller Bark, he is the one who leads the crew while Luffy is unconscious and battles with Kuma. He then takes all of Luffy's pain and remains CONSCIOUS and STANDING. Showing great willpower.

- At Sabaody, he is even mistaken for the captain and is questioned how a man like that can be a subordinate.
- Also at Sabaody, he does not hesitate to cut down a member of the most PROTECTED people in the world, the CELESTIAL DRAGONS.

POST TS (so far)

- At Fishman Island, says it's the expected for his captain to have Conqueror Haki. Otherwise he'd have to step down.

- At Punk Hazard, he is the one that tells Luffy, HIS CAPTAIN, to get a grip and take things seriously in the New World.
- Also at Punk Hazard, he completely immobilizes Monet through sheer FEAR and INTIMIDATION. He cuts her without Haki and yet she is unable to reform.

- At Dressrosa, he reminds Pica that he will become the WSS, and that Pica is no match for him.
- Also at Dressrosa, he has no fear trying to fight an Admiral (someone out of his league) TWICE. Once when he launches a flying slash after being sent into a crater, and the second when Luffy is fighting Fujitora.

- At Zou, he tells Luffy he will round up the Samurai of Wano. (Luffy more did this himself tbh but Zoro gets to know the people of Wano and develops friendships with important figures)


- He shares many parallels with Rayleigh, THE DARK KING. Rayleigh was the right hand man of Roger and VC of the Roger Pirates while Zoro is the right hand man of Luffy and the unofficial VC figure for the SH's.
- His goal involves CONQUERING all swordsmen. In other words, becoming the KING of swordsmen. The undisputed BEST.
- 2nd in commands for prominent crews normally have CoC. Rayleigh (Roger Pirates), Oden (WB Pirates), Katakuri (BM Pirates). If King is revealed to have it, then I think it's a given that Zoro will also have it.

What do you guys think about this?
- Usopp
Usopp is a Conqueror. That's right, roll your eyes, downplay, disagree, hate all ya want. This is what I did not like at first. [I should also preface this to say, Usopp is a gag character comparable to Buggy. However, given that he is a strawhat and has such a close tie to Luffy, he will earn this "power up".] He is very human, he according to Oda is the weakest crewmember. He has to rely on wit, ingenuity, and critical thinking on the spot to win fights and survive. He has to rely on willpower for most, if not all the fights. The real monster within him, is that Willpower.
  • From the very beginning, we learn that Usopp goes on these magnificent voyages finds all kinds of amazing things, has command of 8000 men. Which is all fraudulent and lies. However, what is true, is that Usopp has his own Pirate Crew. Albeit its only four members, including himself, Usopp is a captain. NOT a subordinate, yet.
  • In this arc, he fights for Kaya his friend, and gives his life to protect her, regardless of the strength and intimidation imposed by Captain Kuro.
  • At the end of this arc, Luffy and Zoro request Usopp to join their ship. Usopp is hesitant then obliges that, he gets to be Captain.
    • Sound familiar? That's right, Zoro said the same thing to Baroque Works Agent Number 7.
  • Usopp goes onto fight foes that are leagues above his pay grade and skill level. But this, can be said about all strawhats. But there's a major difference.
    • Chew: A Fishman, who is 20X stronger than him
    • Mr3/Mr5: Devil Fruit Users, who he outsmarted
    • Mr4/Mrs. Merry Christmas: ICONIC, this was a moment comparable to Nothing Happened. Usopp puts on his Big Boy Pants and drags his nuts across the face of these two, with Chopper as his witness.
    • W7: Fights Franky Family On his Own
    • Luffy: Usopp asserts his pride on the line whilst challenging Luffy. This was a stupid reason. But this is because he was insecure and felt weak,. Luffy got rid of the Merry because she couldn't swim no more, and Usopp felt the same, so he thought, it would be best to leave first with Merry as the prize. It's clear cut and dry.
    • Enies Lobby: Shoots at and burns the WG Flag, this moment has massive implications on the narrative
    • Perona: Super Chad Usopp does what the rest of his crew can't. That's taking on the woman that breaks Wills. Perona broke Zoro, Luffy, and even Franky's will with ease; and with Usopp, he turned into a something different.
      • It is here where we see how EOS Usopp will act.
      • He will become the REAL SNIPER KING. KING. An abstract King, at the pinnacle of a category; just like Zoro or Luffy will. Just like Mihawk and Ryuma were. Just like Whitebeard, and the ambitions represented by Ace.
      • Later in the Boin Archipelago (the place where Usopp spent his timeskip), he asserted exactly that. He would become a real Sniper King for Luffy. Just like Chopper who said he would become a real Monster for Luffy. And just like Zoro who put aside his pride for Luffy.
    • Dressrosa: The Sugar fight was one of the biggest factors to Doflamingo's downfall. This exposed and brought all of the darkness to light. It had turned Usopp to a King, a God even, within Seconds. He is the reason Luffy gained so many strong fighters within the Grand Fleet.
      • This specific moment is comparable to several CoC users
        • Luffy: 5600 member Grand Fleet, because of his Ambitions, Attitude, Strength, Charisma, and those under him.
        • Hancock: Island of Women that are strong haki users serving under her, with great admiration, love, and respect.
        • Whitebeard: 50 Allied Ships, Strength, Rivaled the PK, Territory, WSM, and Emperor of the Seas
        • Kaido: Strong Military, Strong Subordinates, 30,000 Troop members, WSC, Emperor of the Seas
        • Big Mom: Supreme Intelligence Network, Massive Family as her Subordinates
        • Dragon: Entire Revolutionary Army capable of going against the WG, Super Strong Combatants Serving him, Worlds Most Dangerous Man
        • Don Chinjao: Massive Fleet, Happo Navy, 1000+ members, strong subordinates
        • etc etc
      • The Point of these individuals is to show they amassed Several Thousands Subordinates or those who served under him. And Usopp did this very thing. He had thousands of individuals under him briefly. This was a taste, just like how Dressrosa was a mini scale War compared to Wano. I believe in Elbaf, when Usopp does become the Brave Warrior of the Sea, and his lies become true, he will have thousands of Giants serving under him, and that's also when he awakens his CoC.
      • Dressrosa teased CoC with Usopp, as he lied about it to the Tontatta's. Also he awakens CoA that arc. And on top of that, the way he defeats Sugar is unconventional as well. She passes out to his presence. Kind of similar to CoC, no? She passes out twice due to this, cementing a point.

I understand CoC is rare. And full crews, Yonko's don't even have more than 1, but Luffy is built different. Rogers crew had four confirmed CoC users (Roger, Rayleigh, Shanks, Oden). Xebecs crew had four confirmed CoC users (Xebec, WB, BM, Waido) and maybe Shiki, although I doubt it. So this is to say Luffy's crew could have Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, maybe Yamato if she joins.

In Dressrosa, Zoro warns Pica that the Straw Hat pirates aren't just about Luffy and Usopp, and to enforce this fact, he mentioned his dream which make him stand on par with them :
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