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Don't mind it!
@Fujishiro @Zara i think you both deserves to be town MVP. You both played well, despite what i sometimes had to say as a scum.

It really was very interesting game from Dragomir. And all hail the Superior Humans, :myman:
Bro i went and isoed you,

The hint at you being HH helped me rethink my stance on beta tbh.

Thank you, i didnt take anything you said personally.

You deserve an Oscar.
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I wanted to fight you at times, never seen you be so rude before. :kriwhat:

Good scum strategy though, and thanks for the kind words. :cheers:
That sig really fits you XD


Don't mind it!
it's only simping when its not actually your girl, dont worry
Meh, didnt think Lanji would be so bold as to try to reignite the sus on Mel when she's getting off the hook. I need to stop thinking too matter of fact and see a bit outside the box.

But im glad i had Yo/Mel/Beta/Lanji around D2-3.
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oh and you played good as well fuji

lanji kill surprised me cuz i didnt sus him at all

how did you know btw?
Same reason i checked Mel, its a trade secret. Ill tell ya another time, i gotta go back to work lmao.

Got an assignment due in 1h30 ... And just started it :steef:


Don't mind it!
You pressured me to claim
Yeah true, mel had a point tho.

Anyhow, @Dragomir thank you very much for this game. It was really funny at times and super entertaining.

Thank you again for giving me Greedling, you're an awesome dude and a great host.

As for all the players who played, y'all made this game active and super interesting.

Much love to you all.
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more than 4,000 posts

half of them gotta be me and fuji arguing over mel

If you try to Iso me, you get to the last page only to have 10 more pages of posts by me, and on and on it goes.

I did the count earlier and my posts count for something like 15% of this thread's pages or more lmao.
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Ghost Princess
I think the entire scum team deserves an Oscar. We have:

Queen’s : Zara are you really sussing me or being a dick?
> Zara then wrote a whole apology essay

Mel’s: 💪
> Fuji then decided to ignore all logic and defend her to death

Yo: Wrote an angry master thesis
> He looked so convincingly frustrated that no one read it

Beta: Yeah so I’m indie and you can’t kill me. STONES
> Everyone puts him on their ignore list then finally remembered he existed D5

Lanji: well he died really early and was just being a nuisance in the thread lmao
> But somehow we all still listened to what he was saying while yelling at him to leave us alone
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