Future Qin Six Predictions.

This list couldn't have been more wrong. :kriwhat:
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I think Qin 6 Great General list would get updated, once one or two of em die. I expect Mou bu(either him or Mou ten) n Kanki to die after they make it to the list. And Kyoukai could take one of the vacant positions in later quarter of the story.

Yo Tan Wa is the one of the first allies of Qin that helped Sei get back his rightful seat, really hard to see her not becoming Qin Great General.

I think Heki is also a candidate in the future bt i am very doubtful about him, he recently got a good feat kinda a hint from author he is also planning big things for Heki, bt i think General might be it.

Shou hei kun, i wonder how his story will play out. I can't see him not being in the list if Alive. :unsure:. Same for Ou sen, bt for him i am quite certain he will die or revolt at some stage.

Tou imo is good candidate, bt i feel Oda is keeping him reserved.

My list.
Ou hon
Yo Tan Wa.
Mou bu/Mou ten
Tou/Shou hei kun.
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I like to believe Kanki will change, he has his own different methods bt he will die in cause for Qin some day. I kinda get redemption feeling when old general at Konkan pass interacted with him.

Or he could totally exceed my expectations and ally with Ou sen, in his revolt.
I read the Historical spoilers recently, curse to @Xione lol.

1)Ousen- GG with most feats in History. Especially Chu n Zhao.
2)Shin- MC, bt i think he might loose the seat at some stage, loosing Chu battle.
I also believe it won't be his fault, or Hara won't make it so, bt Qin 6GG loosing such big battle is unheard of , so it's controversial topic regardless of Shou Hei kun betrayal or not.
3)Mou bu- Hara already spoiled it one of his side stories. He faces off against Shou Hei Kun.
4)Ou hon- Need not explain.
5)Tou/ than Kyou Kai or Mou Ten.
Tou is credited for capturing of one of the Nations and thn not heard of later on in the story. Have to be Qin GG if he capture one Nation. Bt if he dies after that, one of Younger prodigies Mou Ten might replace him like Mou Ten Or Kyou kai, since she also showed her liking for Qin 6 GG.

6)Mou Ten- He is certain to joinQ Qin 6 Gg at some stahe, but than later could also be promoted to Chief of Military Staff like present Shou Hei kun, after that.

While there's not much for Yo Tan Wa in historical spoilers, so i am unsure how Hara will use her. But thn again she also gives Hara the freedom to do as he likes with her character, since he is not bound by Historical spoilers with her(same as why he choose Shin as MC).
Maybe she will chck Xiangnu forces for Qin in North for most time as Qin 6 GG, or play side role in conquering Nations like in present arc. Or
You were always right @Xione .
It's hard to imagine Yotanwa being under Shouheikun and Ei Sei fully as a Great General for Qin, when Hara drops panels like this

King of Kings as one of the generals for another King? I don't believe Yotanwa will be that much interested in it, but will probably serve as an ally that comes to assist them. Which is why they gave her a rank equivalent of a great general, but not great general. Her current rank in Qin is equivalent to that of a Prime Minister's like Riboku or Karin.
Kanki- I believe he is also builded up to be an Antagonist, especially for Shin to beat in Future. Historical he choose/forced to run away, and might join Yan in future.
Tho yes i am aware Hara already differenciated Kanki and the bounty man that will make assassination plan Qin King together with Yan King are diffrnt characters, bt i feel he would end up with Yan regardless and would be necessary obstacle for Shin to overcome.
There's also small possibility of Ousen declaring himself his own Man and King once he receives big Army (600k) to invade Chu, but historically that was part of his plan to decieve Chu, so dunno how Hara would procede with this. If Hara alternates the story, and also why he builded Ousen wanting to be King from so early in the story, he could betray Qin at some stage, mostly Chu. Or he could change his mind due to idealogiies of El sei.
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If we're going strictly off by what the previous 6 were like, it's going to be:
-Ousen (Hakuki)
-Shin (Ouki)
-Kyoukai (Kyou)
-Moubu (Oukotsu)
-Ten (Koshou)
-Ouhon (Shibasaku)

But if Hara doesn't make a Qin Six like that then here's where I see them:
-Shin (The Main Character after all)
-Ousen (Master Strategist, equal to Riboku)
-Yotanwa (Leader of the Mountain Tribes)
-Moubu (The strongest Qin General)
-Ouhon (Master Warrior)
-Mouten (Amazing Strategist, Morale Booster, and has some skill as Fighter)

I think it should also be noted that just because you're a Great General doesn't mean you're a part of the Six, just look at Mougou & Choutou, so I think Tou won't be apart of the Six GG.
I think it should also be noted that just because you're a Great General doesn't mean you're a part of the Six, just look at Mougou & Choutou, so I think Tou won't be apart of the Six GG.
Mouten actually stated that Tou has even a better chance than Ousen/Kanki to be part of the 6GGs as the most balanced and flawless living Qin commander outside Shouheikun. it goes to show you how talented Tou is when Shin claims that Tou's second in command has a legit chance to be a GG

History spoiler :
It's EXTREMELY likely that Tou is real life Teng (內史騰) who captured Zheng, capital of Han, bringing the state down for good. that's one of the main reasons why i firmly believe Tou will be part of the 6GGs in the future.

I think Shin, Moubu and Tou are the only ones who are particularly confirmed to be part of the 6GGs in the future.