[FNZ] Light game Game 01 : One Piece Wano Kuni act 2

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Year of the black beard!

Woops, that was kinda a One Shot a la Kaido. The Animal Kingdom Pirates might take the lead with this!
@tedxtr got lynched! He was
Monkey D. Luffy!

@AL sama got modkilled! He was
Den Den Mushi Kaido (Bot)!

Night one starts! (Click me for time)
Don't talk!

Kiwi -> TAC
TAC -> Kiwi
Dark -> Kiwi
ted -> TAC
Bogard -> TAC
Noctis -> ted
Bogard ->
TAC -> ted
Kiwi ->
ted -> Dark
Kiwi -> Bogard
ted -> Bogard

Players alive:
1 @TheAncientCenturion
2 @Noctis
3 @Bogard
4 @Jiihad
5 @playa4321
6 @Gambit
7 @Dark Admiral
8 @Law
9 @Kiwipom


I will never forgive Oda
Wanted to congratulate you @tedxtr. I never imagined you'd be scum. You played very well. Can't say the same for town though

Vote Lynch: TheAncientCenturion

Reason: Lost interest in the game, and i can't vote myself, better initiate the bandwagon on either of us
...? So you’re just going to randomly vote because of day 1 shenanigans?
Not open for further replies.