[FNZ] Role Madness Game 03: One Piece Dressrosa

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Host: Denim

Welcome everyone to the One Piece Dressrosa game! This shall be a simple role madness with all the roles being X-shots. Changes have been made, the roles are no longer x-shots unless specified as such in your role PM. Please join and tell me what you think after the game. Enjoy!

Rules and Gameplay:
  1. Claiming: all types of claiming is legal and will have no mechanical consequence involved.
  2. Voting: to vote, please just write the word "vote" and the player name with it. All in bold. You do not need to unvote to change your votes. I will be keeping an updated vote tally in the second post of the game for each day phase.
  3. Cycles: each day phase will last 24-hours and each night phase 12-hours. In total, a 36-hour cycle. During the write-ups, I will post a countdown timer for you guys to keep track of the time.
  4. Posting: you must post at least twice a day to be considered active. Failure to do so once will lead you into being mod-blocked. A second time will yield a substitution or replacement.
  5. Dusk Phase: at the end of each day phase, their will be a dusk Phase for you guys to continue talking while I get the write-up going. You may not vote or submit any day actions during this time. It will not always be officially announced. It begins right after day ends or the vote cap has been reached.
  6. Majority Lynch: the lynch system I will be using is a majority lynch. For you guys to lynch someone, you must have reached the majority amount of votes on the player for that specific phase. Each day, I will post the amount of votes necessary for you guys to lynch. No majority = no lynch.

5. @NeutralWatcher
6. @Finalbeta V.2.
11. @Reborn
16. @Sentinel

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Day 1 Lynch Scene
Night 1 Results
Day 2 Lynch Scene
Night 2 Results
Day 3 Lynch Scene
Night 3 Results
Day 4 Lynch Scene
Night 4 Results
Day 5 Lynch Scene

Day 1 & Night 1
Flower - Killed - N1 - ???
Day 2 & Night 2
Rej - Lynched - D2 - Cavendish
Finalbeta - Killed - D2 - Thunder Soldier
Fujishoro - Mod-killed - D2 - Fujitora
playa4321 - Killed - N2 - Leo
All_Red - Killed - N2 - Sugar
Day 3 & Night 3
TheAncientCenturion - Lynched - D3 - Law
Noctis - Killed - N3 - Rebecca
Day 4 & Night 4
Bogard - Lynched - D4 - Luffy
Jew D. Boy - Mod-killed - D4 - Diamante
Kiwipom - Killed - N4 - Doflamingo
AL sama - Lynched - D5 - Bartolomeo

EOD Vote Tally
Day 1
AL - 2 Flower and All Red
Law - 2 Bogard and Playa
Finalbeta - 1 Reborn
Fujishiro - 1 Rej
Day 2
Day 3

Graveyard Purposes: to keep track of all the players who have died in one area.
EOD Vote Tally Purposes: place all the votes that were locked at EoD so players don't have to search for votes but instead just check the first page.

Mera Mera no mi
On day 1, the Colosseum will be active. All players alive may join in to win the prize: the Mera Mera no mi. There is a maximum of 8 players so first come, first serve. Players will be notified day 1 and allow to enter then. On day 2, the gladiator battles start. If someone
dies between day 1 and night 1, another person or 2 may enter.

All 8 players that enter will be given a Strength Point dictated by their power level in the actual story. This is how round 1 will be decided. Higher strength point wins. Round 1 will be in matches of 2, so four in total. 4 players move on, 4 players are kicked out.

Round 2 will be dictated by RPS battles. Each player will—in their role pms—call out eiter Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Traditional RPS rules go. The match goes on until someone calls out an item that beats the other. 2 players move on, 2 get kicked out.

The final round will have the 2 remaining players be given 3 different actions they may perform. Each action has a defense number and attack number. If the attack number is higher than the defense number, then the action used overpowers it and the player with said action wins the match. If the attack number is lower, then the defense prevails and they go at it again.

The winner of the mera mera no mi obtains a 1-shot strongman kill(overpowers protections and role blocks). If the winner dies or is lynched, then the mera mera goes down the line of players in the colosseum until someone uses it.

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Happy Saturnalia
I need more games to start considering myself experienced in mafia, much less a roll madness i'm unfamiliar with

But too early to have any valable info now. With that said, i'm watching you out because your gameplay helps scum regardless of you being truly scum or just town
LMAO. What are you talking about? I'm always a strong townie.
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