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How stupid is it that we got a two parter for Sanji vs Luffy during WCI but it doesn’t even cross Toei’s mind to make Episode 1000 a two part episode….. I mean, we’re not any closer to the manga than we were back in 2018.
One Piece Episodes 999-1002 Titles:

-999: The Fate That Protects You - Yamato and Momonosuke

-1000: Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hat Pirates Gather

-1001: A Dangerous Invitation! Queen's Eradication Plan

-1002: A New Feud! Nami and Ulti

One Piece Episode 999-1002 Staff List:

Episode director: Yusuke Suzuki
Animation supervisor: Hirotaka Ito and Toshio Deguchi

Episode director: Kohei Kureta
Storyboard: Aya Komaki and Kohei Kureta
Animation supervisor: Tu Yong-ce, Midori Matsuda and Keiichi Ichikawa

Episode director: Tasuku Shimaya
Animation supervisor: Keita Saito and Masahiro Kitazaki

Episode director: Toshihiro Maeya
Storyboard: Yutaka Nakashima
Animation supervisor: Shinichi Suzuki