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RIP Toriyama
I think you are wrong to think about how much we, Erkan and I care about this whole situation...
"Oh no, they discovered the existence of any PM among people who share the same personal tastes as you, are we screwed now?"

I mean is this how you expect us to act?
Seth please, no one here is a child.:wellwell:
I mean ya mans has spent legitimately a decade trying to argue with people around tha world(vast majority don’t care) that tha strongest swordsman alive isn’t tha strongest swordsman alive. He’s either a child or a danger to society


I will never forgive Oda
No way people are riding Erkan so hard that even TAC is doing it.
Wtf did Erkan do?
Wdym? It's Erkan, is there any need for an explanation?

This fool just got outed as the owner and moderator of a private PM with the sole purpose of shitting on Zoro. :luffylaugh:
It’s more the fact that they have a private pm to shit on Zoro and the only good Zoro slander comes from a handful of Sanji fans and a few admiral fans :kobeha: