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Elder Lee Hung

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Imagine being kicked out of a group chat for not downplaying characters enough, i get why they are spamming admiraLs like they were bots now.😂😂😂
“We have reached a collective decision to kick @Shiroyru from our desperate cope PM because he has only been spelling ‘AdmiraLLLLLs” with 4 Ls instead of the PM-approved 5 Ls.”


The only one who can beat me is me
His posts got so lazy to the point where he was clearly just trying to pad out his post count
Lol I've never blocked a user, he's the only user I ever considered blocking just to make my forum experience a bit cleaner. But ultimately it's not that serious.

You're supposed to be neutral
I think he means in spirit.


Lol Erkan legit?You really open up a second Yonkou group, the reason for that was funny asf, he said that I been a spy of @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung and that I never downplay Admirals(which is true I respect both Admirals and Yonkous), so he decide to open up a second group and he did it lmao.
Well doesn´t matter for me, I'm a observer of most fandoms, neutral :)
Only when it come to Blackbeard, my Goat, im perhaps not neutral.
this you?
Erkan not being harassed by anyone.
He fair game to have the piss taken out of him after making a secret pm to beg for likes
Still, at least he wasn't being loud about it.
Meanwhile y'all are clowning him, pinging him, and exposing him and his friends for participating in the PM.
It's just sad, and it doesn't make you any better than him.