Who will become the European Champion?

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I thank heavens klopp signed for us untill 2026.

The transformation he brought in with this liverpool team is mindblowing.

Hopefully we win cl , fa cup and top the group.

God bless this team and amazing man from Germany.
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Rip to super agent Mino riaola. Cancer is enemy to humanity.
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3 cl finals in 5 years .

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I dont see Real Madrid ever losing a CL final. Its just not something they do. If a team like RM arrives in final,they win
I'll choose to believe that history will repeat itself where the last time they lost the Final was to Liverpool and it was also in Paris. This current LFC also has a habit of never giving up like this Madrid team.

This is gonna be 2 mentality monster teams with history fighting in the Final. Gonna hope for the Reds winning it
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