Who will become the European Champion?

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Wherever he has gone that man knows how to make an impact great coach
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I loved Napoli Barcelona this year. It's a shame Insigne made such a blunder from the corner kick at the Maradona Stadium, that man's quality dropped so much this year as his final year in the team.
To be fair Mbappe made good decision staying in psg. He will be given respect and unlimited powers .

Real madrid has treated its legends badly. I remember casillas left crying and he was greatest madrid player .

It might be good for Mbappe but awful decision for Psg. No player should be bigger than a club. And what big coach will go there now knowing that Mbappe will decide everything? Lol thats absurd. There is a reason why Real Madrid is the most famous and winner team in the world indeed! Something like that there would never happen