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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Yeah, nobody I know that reads Kingdom takes the stat system seriously. It is the one aspect of Kingdom that makes zero sense.

Kingdom without the stat system makes perfect sense. Kingdom with the stat system is nonsensical. Lol.

Shouheikan is the most egregious example of stat system abuse.
I personally just use numbers as a general start, but it's definitely not the end all be all when there is a lot of other factors to consider where giving numbers to character stats wont matter in this serie
Summary by Jeeswag from TKC

Above the Cliff:
The HSU is approaching the Zhao HQ and sees the Zhao general. His lieutenant says he's real trouble and he scatters the HSU calvalry apart. Rei dodges a horse and says "don't get cheeky" when another horse knocks her off the cliff. She says that guy's using a weird trick as she falls. Suugen notices the cavalry's speed has dropped and wonders if something happened at the front. Shin asks if something's wrong since he caught up to the front and the soldiers tell him there's a new enemy and they can't find him. Shin sees him on the side and tells his soldiers to focus since he's right there. The Zhao general knocks Shin off his horse and appears ginormous when Shin stands up.

The Zhao general introduces himself as one of Kochou's vassals and the general of the right wing. Shin says he thought he would run away since they were getting close to their HQ but thanks him for saving him the trouble of getting to him and calls him a dumpling. The Zhao general says there's no way he would run away in this situation since this is what he was waiting for. To be able to take the head of the invader with his own hands in this very moment. His elite troops join him from behind and he goes on to say that after Kochou became the Guardian of Kantan him and his troops dedicated their time to strategizing and practice. The HSU sees them as strong and the Hihyou steps to the front. He says the world seems difficult but it's actually very simple. It's a simple matter of violence for violence.

Shin calls him a very talkative dumpling and Garo agrees. Denyuu says they just need to kill this one weird guy and it's their victory. Shin says let's simply take him out and both sides begin battle.

Kochou HQ:
While Raido is waiting along with the eldest son from the Zhao left wing Kochou enters and says "I've kept you waiting" while walking in with a man with a mask and tools in his hands.

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What the fuck bro, Gakuhaku Kou is absolutely nuts… @Admiral Mou Bu this guy looks stronger than Man’U. Fuck’s sake he could even be Kanmei level in terms of brute strength.
haven't checked out the pics, but if Lee says stronger than Man'U or even Kanmei...shit just got 100 to 100000000000000000 real f**king quick.

walking in with a man with a mask and tools in his hands.
Summary by Jeeswag from TKC

Title: Kanki's Aim/Goal

Kochou's Tent:
Raido sees Kochou walk in and thinks to himself that he is the Zhao Commander Kochou. Kochou says it appears Raido has killed his left commander's son and using his body he has also killed the left commander and asks if that's correct. Raido yes it's correct and asks "what's wrong with that considering the left commander was an idiot?" The eldest son and his soldier are furious at Raido's response. Kochou says since the left commander has been with him for a long time he is basically family and he can understand how his actual family may feel. However, considering their positions Kochou says Raido did a great job and he would've done the same if he were in Raido's shoes. However, since his soldiers are watching he must provide punishment and says he'll take a finger. The choice of which side is up to Raido. Raido says left and Kochou tells his soldiers to cut it off.

After the first finger from each of Raido's group they proceed to cut off the rest of the fingers. Next Kochou says he must punish him for the amount of his people Raido has murdered and says he'll take an arm. He asks Raido which side and Raido catches on to his game. After a series of different tortures Raido's soldiers ask to just be killed. Raido calls them perverted bastards and to hurry up and kill them if they're going to.

Kochou says he has held out well and that this will be the last one. He asks Raido if he's caught on that he has received a less harse treatment. The others will surely die after this even if they don't do anything anymore but Raido can still live, that he's able to go back and hold the woman he loves even. But before he goes Kochou asks him one more question: what is Kanki up to? After looking into Raido's eyes he realizes Kanki actually has some sort of plan. He has heard that Kanki has a good head and his battles up to know show just that. However, for whatever reason, Kanki has started this hopeless battle. Though defeat is certain, the fact that this is so certain is bothering him. He asks again if Kanki is up to something. He tells Raido he is free to speak up about it because whether he tells them or not they will win this battle. But they want to minimize their losses so they want to learn Kanki's plan. Kanki will die in this battle no matter what but Raido can live.

Raido hears all this and tells him to shut up. He knows that he can say anything here and won't have a reason to be bothered by it. They're a band of bandits so things like loyalty and honor don't exist. Betrayal is common. That is the Kanki army. If Kanki was there he would probably call him an idiot and tell him to hurry and tell them the plan because Kanki is that kind of man. Because of that Raido refuses to tell Kochou anything. Kochou's soldiers wonder if they pushed him too much and made him lose his mind or if he needs more torture. Raido says it doesn't matter what they do since he's seen all the things the Saki clan has done so nothing they can do will scare him.

Raido thinks to himself that they've just done terrible things all this time. If someone was hungry they'd eat the person next to them. He wonders what he's saying to himself now. Kochou says he's just rambling and says they can't understand their intentions this way. Raido says he's an idiot and that he never expected any sort of affirmations. The eldest son calls him trash and Raido says yeah he's a fucking bastard and their commander Kanki is the most fucking bastard there is. Even after pulling all of them from the trashheap he's still thirsty for more and he will...(Raido stops there)

Kochou's soldier says there's no point in talking to him any longer while Raido thinks to himself that for a second he feels like he understood Kanki just a little bit. Kochou says this is now a waste of time and to torture Raido to his death and makes the eldest son the lead commander of the left wing. Raido realizes something and wishes he could've spoken to Kanki one more time.

Marron and Kokuou senses something but when their soldiers ask what's wrong they say it's nothing.

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Damn never knew I could feel something for scum like Raido, least he's going out with major respect. Kochou's presence also looks and feels very intimidating, I really like this arc so far.
The Raido moment was good, and Kochou was a beast here

About this arc I was not a big fan of how they saved OuHon, it was too easy and too quick compared to the situation he was put in
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