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Yeah fuck the fact they had over half a year to mobilize the entire north

Fuck the fact that they cut Qin numbers (Ousen, reinforcements)

"But muh redditor fuck over 100k numbers"
Yeah fuck the 400k killed by Hakuki and fuck the 100k killed by Kanki. You can just amass 310k people out of nowhere.

No wonder everyone calls Riboku magic man
Yeah fuck the 400k killed by Hakuki and fuck the 100k killed by Kanki. You can just amass 310k people out of nowhere.

No wonder everyone calls Riboku magic man
Hakuki killed them years ago - they wouldn't have -400k forever

The spoilers literally mention that's the entire northern part mobilized which there are enlistments too over a long period of time
Hakuki killed them years ago - they wouldn't have -400k forever
Yet it was one of the main reasons as to why Qin was able to win in real history. You need peele to reproduce too.

My problem is I wish Riboku could win a battle where he didn't have such a huge advantage and it's pissing me off. If 310k were so easy they would've done it in real history
Spoilers summary from Reddit:

Chapter begins with Riboku and Kaine greeting each other good morning in Gi'an. Riboku asks Kaine if everyone has gathered and she says yes to which Riboku replies it will finally begin. Citizens in Gi'an are getting ready for the battle and one of the kid asks his dad if everyone here will die. Dad says to him that no one will die and that it will be Qin who loses. Granny says, "But the one leading Qin army is that fearsome Kanki." Dad says, "Don't worry, we won't lose. Because we have Riboku and others here."
Riboku's commanders as well as Seika's commanders are all gathered. A messenger delivers a message that Qin is preparing to set out once the sun rises. Futei says finally they are coming and Bananji says Qin have no idea that they are in the palm of Riboku's hand. Riboku says, "We have made enough preparations, as such we don't even need to discuss anything further. Good luck!" A general from Gi'an asks Riboku to deliver a message to Gi'an's citizens.
Meanwhile, Kanki's combined force of 140k soldiers set out from Sekirei.
Riboku talks to citizens of Gi'an. He says, "Right now, 140k of Qin's force are heading this way from Sekirei. The supreme commander of their army is Kanki, the same one who beheaded our 100k soldiers. If Gi'an gets conquered by them, then our royal family won't have any place to escape to and Zhao will be finished when Qin attacks Kantan. Which means the battle at Gi'an is an important battle that will extend our country's lifeline. However, for now, do not worry about far away Kantan or the royal family. The only thing you should think about is protecting the northern lands. Protect your family from the invader's bloody swords. Protect your mothers, children, siblings, the loved ones! If you put it to your heart that no matter what happens, you will protect them and turn your hearts into a strength to fight back, then all of us here in north will not lose." All the soldiers cheer after the morale boost and says they will protect their family no matter what and other citizens says they will give their best on whatever else they can help with. Riboku says, "The reason we have been preparing for over a half a year was to bury the evil force of Kanki and Qin forces right here. Death shall await those who invades! All forces, march!"
Hi Shin Army hears that Zhao has come out of the castle and Ten asks how many to which the messenger replies he has no idea yet. Shin says, "Mouten said even if the enemy were to have a large army, the size will be similiar to us. Haha, we get to fight on the ground instead of having to siege the castle, just what we wanted. "
Heki's army who was stationed front of Kanki's army in the center stops marching once he see enemies. Gakuka army is stationed on the left wing. Mouten thinks to himself, "Why did they come out of the castle? Siege battle would have been much easier for them. Did they somehow able to get more reinforcement in these few days? But even if that was the case still the numbers would..wait..numbers..?" Then, Gakuka army realizes that there are enemies to their left side. Hi Shin army who was stationed on the right wing also notices enemies. Heki at the center becomes nervous as he realizes just how many more enemy soldiers are coming out. Kanki's soldiers begins to get nervous at the number of enemy soldiers they see as well saying it doesn't look like they just have more, it seems almost twice as much. Maron hear the news that the enemy has appeared on both the left and the right side as well. Shin says how are these numbers possible and Ten says she has no idea and that Gi'an possibly cannot have these many soldiers. Mouten says they have been done by Zhao and he says, "But since when? Don't tell me..."

Riboku says, "If we have over half a year of time, then we can make preparations to fully mobilize soldiers of all northern Zhao. The only difficulty part about this is not letting you guys find out. Also, decreasing your numbers just enough to not make you guys give up on the invasion of north. Now that you guys have came this far in the north, you guy's wont be able to turn back. Shall we begin now then? The 6 great general Kanki?" 310k force of Zhao vs 140k of Qi
Riboku should have benefited from this number advantage by using it with surprise factor. Revealing the number just like that,, my guess his only motive is to crumble Qin soldiers will.

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I guess Riboku strategy was to thin Qin's numbers and crush the invasion of the North with overwhelming numbers.

I still expect Riboku to capitalize on Kanki's weakness since disadvantage in numbers is nothing Kanki isn't used to.