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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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I told y'all before and I'll tell you again.

Ri Boku is setting a trap for Kan Ki's trap

Mark my words.

Hara will reveal it in a flashback at Gian. The corpse tree tipped Kan Ki's hand. He was counting on the fear of the threat to throw the Zhao into panic and disarray, leaving Ri Boku vulnerable in their rush to relieve Hika.

Look at those panels. Where are Ba Nan Ji, Fu Tei, Kaine, SSJ and the Seika generals? Ri Boku has had them deployed in armies before him or at his side the entire arc. Now he's vulnerable? I don't buy it.

Ri Boku likely knows Kan Ki would only reveal himself to kill Ri Boku, so Ri Boku is using himself as bait, while Ba Nan Ji brings up an army to smash the Qin when they reveal themselves.

Ba Nan Ji vs Zenou
Fu Tei vs Kan Ki
Kaine vs Rin Gyoku

Count on it.
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Translation by Saemoon

Enkan: Hika is right in front of our eyes!

Text box: Hika Castle Reinforcement Vanguard, Gi'an Army Enkan

Narration: Riboku was pulled into Kanki's scheme..

Riboku: This is their final effort! Until the other units come here, fight with everything you have! Kanki has revealed himself! If we pull through and take Kanki's head, this battle will be finished!

Ba Nan Ji (STR 94) stronger than Zenou (STR 93), and Kan Ki (STR 93) is stronger than Ri Boku (STR 91).

Kaine (STR 84) is also stronger Rin Gyoku (STR 83).
You are forgetting that Stats aren't the only true thing.

Ouhon has less strenght than Shin, but yet him was able to overcome him sometimes in the past.
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Gai Mou has 97 STR, yet was getting handled very well by a 93 STR Shin.
Zenou greatness finally

At this point I’m not gonna bother and try predict anything, this is too wild lol
Kanki is showing what is a 6GG mean and that is when he lost 80% of his army. Lol

And that Enkan's panel about "where's the cavalry!?"..... lollllllll

But I want Riboku to f* up badly...
This.. And I'm sure Kanki is going to do it.

I hope at least Kanki army take Bananji with them :steef: