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Riboku is like the uncrowned king of Zhao lol. He’s doing the job, his king should be doing. As I’ve said earlier, this speech gave me Sai vibes. Riboku doing this as a general is amazing.

I don’t know how Ousen is gonna escape without taking a huge loss from here. If he retreats now, both his generals will be in huge huge trouble and majority of his army will be routed. How is he gonna recover from that? I don’t think Qin’s top general is losing the battle. Maybe Shin redirects himself to aid Ousen instead of going back to his original position. What’s Riboku’s reserves gonna do? The battle has become more exciting
Kingdom 791 Spoilers


Chapter Title: Other People’s Wars

**Summary by Saemoon**

Kan Saro reports that Ji Aga has died. Shibashou apologizes to Kan Saro, but Kan Saro asks him why he’s apologizing. He says it’s because he’s the one that brought Riboku to them, but Kan Saro responds that coming to this battle was Seika’s decision.
Flashback) Before the discussion between Riboku and Seika even starts, Shibashou opens by saying that it might not be possible for Riboku to stay at Seika for an extended period of time. Kan Saro asks for them to not be upset and explains that Seika has been built up from nothing by the people living here. They truly want to assist Riboku, but they can’t do so at the risk of Seika collapsing. Riboku says he know Seika’s past and how it started as a simple village founded by refugees that has grown into virtually its own independent nation. When Seika repelled Ordo by themselves, Riboku was surprised at how the city of Seika had matured and thought that Seika must be at the point where they need to decide their path. Riboku states that “coming to Seika wasn’t fate, he’s here to ask him to decide…” but Shibashou cuts him off saying he is neither a king nor a dictator. If he wants to ask about Seika’s path, then he needs to ask the people of Seika.

Riboku opens his speech by stating his loss to Qin at Shukai Plains, how Gyou was taken, how he lost during the rebellion at the capital, and how he is being pursued by the armies of Kantan. The people of Seika respond by pouring their hearts out to Riboku. In northern Zhao, there isn’t a single people who thinks poorly of Riboku, and Seika has many people from the north. They beg him to stay at Seika and live with them under the protection of Shibashou. Riboku is honored that they think so highly of him, but he didn’t come here to become a resident of Seika. He came to borrow Seika’s strength to restore the capital to its former strength and, when the Qin army attacks again, for Seika to become to main force during that war. The people of Seika immediately turn on Riboku telling him to fuck off. They’ve escaped wars and other hardships to finally have a safe place to live, so why should they have to become involved in other people’s wars. They call Riboku selfish for trying to drag them into his affairs just so he can become prime minister again. Kaine jumps in to defend Riboku with her usual prattle, but the people of Seika turn on her, too. Riboku explains that if they do nothing, Qin’s blades will make their way to Seika and Ganmon, but Riboku and his retainers are fighting so that doesn’t happen. However, the Qin army won’t stop at Seika and Ganmon, they’ll continue killing and taking cities as far as they can.

Riboku explains he has to return to power to take command of the armies to prevent those other people from dying. Riboku understands that they’ve built a peaceful land here and asking them to join the war is a harsh request. He says Qin won’t reach Seika for a while, so if they want to consider this coming war as “someone else’s war” then that’s fine, but while they enjoy their blissful days at Seika, other people are screaming out in pain. Are they fine with that being the essence of Seika? Do they want to keep living thinking only of themselves and ignoring everything around them? Shibashou explains to his generals that Seika ignored the outside world to build themselves up, but that time has passed. If they want to continue enjoy these peaceful times even in this world full of war, they have to decide their what their spirit is, what their path is.

Riboku continues by explaining that joining the war means Seika’s blood will be spilled, their men will lose their lives, and the tears of the families left behind will fill Seika. However, that tragedy is currently playing out in the outside world. Averting their eyes to that reality while holding the power to stop it is a cold decision. If they intend to continue this path, then they will lose their relations with everyone, be respected by no one, and should just quietly enjoy their peace until they vapidly collapse into nothingness. However, if they open their gates and risk their lives in war to stop this tragedy, then the spirit of Seika will shine brilliantly and will be known throughout all China. The people of Seika will be known throughout all China. That will become the “pride of Seika” that they can pass down through the generations. Riboku says if they lend him their strength, they can win against Qin and put an end to their invasions. They can achieve victory together!

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I fucking hate the last two chapters
who told those stupids writers that flashback talks no justo chapters in thr Middle of action is a good writing ?!
2 whole chapters ?!
As an overall commander Oukotsu is superior but in a duel they can be close and full potential/non rusty Gaimou can be even stronger

Ouki respected the Old Qin 6 but looked down on Gaimou
Once Gaimou "matures" and understands how the likes of Ouki look at warfare I'm sure he'll hit his full potential. Given how much of a beast Shin will be by then we can imagine what base level Gaimou needs to be at to even stand a chance.
I think Gaimou pretty much is as strong as Ouki/Renpa in terms of dueling. And like MarineHQ said, imagine what he'll bring out when he duels Qin Six Ri Shin.

Yeah I doubt anyone else from the old Qin Six group other than Ouki is capable of defeating him.