Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
Rinko was Shin best fight by a fucking motherfuking long shottttt
Rinko vs Shin was literally the most mediocre generic artificially prolonged fight I’ve ever read in my life. It went on for 30 chapters longer than it should have.

If Rinko vs Shin were the highlight of Sanyou I’d give it a C+. Sanyou was good because of everything that happened outside of Shin vs Rinko. Shin vs Mangoku was a better fight than Shin vs Rinko imo and Shin vs Mangoku wasn’t amazing.

Literally 1v1 fights are beneath Kingdom, the highlight of this manga are the larger battles and the life and death struggles. Shin vs Rinko was just a completely mid experience to me, if all of Kingdom was of that quality I wouldn’t have caught up with Kingdom.

Really the only great 1v1s in Kingdom are Ouki vs Houken, Ouki vs Shoumou, Moubu vs Kanmei, Tou vs Rinbukun, etc…I don’t think Shin has ever had a 1v1 that I truly loved.
Speaking for myself, I do consider the 'Bayou/Sanyou/Coalition' span of Kingdom the best the series has to offer.
Bayou was the best, and with historically accurate armies (well, the Qin army at least) too. Rule of cool later armies with tons of cavalry and every soldier being completely armored always irks me.
Bayou, Sanyou, Coalition is probably the best stretch of quality in any manga ever
Gyou had it's moments but it's not to the same level
Bayou/Sanyou/Coalition stretch was amazing, even including some of the transitional arcs like the Gekishin battle were crazy good. Western Zhao invasion until Eikyuu for me is on a comparable level, Juuko and the introduction of the six greats inbetween was also great. I really hope Hara manages to replicate this later down the line.
If I remember correctly, Mougou vs Renpa arc is the first arc I read. It was definitely 1 of, if not the best arc of Kingdom.
The way Hara explained how Mougou became Renpa stalker for years, studying and remembering everything about Renpa but in the end still failed to best him. Then Kanki sneakily invaded Renpa army base and killed the little bald grandpa. And sneakily went into another base to kill Hakukisai. And Ousen made a fortress in mountain lol.
The 2 were beasts yet they still followed a regular old man like Mougou.

Then I remember how I enjoyed the first arc (coup d etat and Ei Sei kicked from capital and seek reinforcement to mountain) than the second arc (Duke Hyou vs painted face).

The politic arcs were also very good.
- Ryofui sent assassins to kill Ei Sei.
Only for him to admit it later, but Ei Sei realizing the difference of power among the 2, could do nothing but pretending it is a good joke.
- That one arc where Ei Sei's brother (villain in first arc) turned good but fell to Ryofui's rebellion
- Ryofui vs Ei Sei
If I recall correctly, that arc gave unique feeling. Leaders of both faction (Ei Sei with Shobunkun and Ryofui with his pillars) were sitting together peacefully in single room, while their armies were duking it out outside.
Ryofui almost won if not for Shoheikun's betrayal.
- State of Ai arc was also very good and hilarious. Queen Mother's husband / King of Ai was a clown.

Zhao Invasion arc felt really dragging, it has good and bad moments.
The most memorable moment though, is that when Riboku almost cornered Ousen, only to be backstabbed and forced to send back to capital by his idiotic Zhao King.


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Imagine if everyone here read it and we were discussing RoT weekly, peak WG
Tbh reading RoT weekly sounds like a miserable reading experience
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It's funny how much praise Western Zhao Invasion is geting nowadays given that when it was ongoing it was geting A LOT of hate.
I mean currently people are praising Western Zhao Retaliation arc


𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖔𝖋 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓'𝖘 𝕾𝖕𝖆𝖜𝖓
Western Zhao is much better when read in bulk, but if you were reading it week by week it was painful how Hara switched focus to Heki nonsense when something interesting was about to happen on the main battlefield.
The Heki stuff is still annoying in rereads

I want to see Yotanwa not fucking Heki

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
Western Zhao is my favorite manga arc of all time, and I said that when I first read it. It was always literally my favorite manga arc. I do see the criticism of switching to Yotanwa’s battlefield, that’s totally valid. But Shukai itself has Shin’s all time best moments:

-Shin one shotting Gaku Ei was the first time while reading a manga where I actually jumped to my feet and paced around the room because I couldn’t take the hype. The whole battle leading into that moment seemed like it was going disastrously wrong for Qin, and when Shin flashed back to Ouki right before one shotting Gaku Ei…man. I nearly shat myself.

-Shin vs Garyuu, in my humble opinion, was 10x better than Shin vs Rinko. It didn’t take 30 chapters and Shin as a character in Shukai was just far more enjoyable for me than he was in the past. Shukai was really where he started maturing and stopped speaking with unearned authority on behalf of all of Qin like he did when he was younger.

-The Hi Shin Unit’s awakening was another absolutely perfect moment to me. I still get chills remembering it.

-Shin vs Houken, I was one of the only people defending that fight when it happened and I’ll still defend it today. To me it really felt like Hara built up to that fight for the whole manga.

Ouhon also had great moments in Shukai Plains. Particularly him escaping from the Raigoku and that whole plot had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I didn’t want to see Gyou’Un or Ouhon lose there and Hara had me by the balls the entire time. I’ve never felt such tension reading a manga before, it was absolutely thicc.

And Western Zhao was also back when Ousen was actually interesting to read. His whole plan to fell Gyou was absolutely peak, none of Ousen’s schemes and plans since then have even sniffed Gyou’s greatness.

Kyoukai was also mostly uninvolved. This is a positive thing. Lol

So yeah Shukai Plains and Western Zhao was nearly a 10/10 arc for me, it got very close to a perfect arc imo.

Sanyou was pretty damn good but I think most Kingdom fans think more highly of Sanyou than I do. A lot of the arc felt contrived with how little of a plan Mougou actually had to deal with Rinko and Genpou. Literally the crux of the Qin’s offense against them was 3 rookie 1K man commanders. Which again just felt contrived, it just didn’t seem right that actual Generals and Great General Mougou just had no plan at all to deal with this guy, and Qin’s only hope at beating Rinko in particular was 3 rookies.

It wasn’t a huge deal since Mougou was banking on Kanki and Ousen to win, but like, damn Mougou almost got his shit kicked in in the center because he entrusted the entire center battlefield to three teenagers.

Shin vs Rinko was also way too long. I said that a few pages back but that fight didn’t have the substance to last 30 chapters imo. I would struggle to read 30 chapters of Ouki vs Houken or Moubu vs Kanmei, let alone 30 chapters of rookie Shin vs Rinko.

Dakan Plains to me was a better arc than Sanyou. Winning Dakan felt like a miracle, Hara constantly walked the line of the battle just feeling impossible to win without ever making the eventual win feel like bullshit. It felt like a Herculean struggle just for us to put those final 10 feet on top of that damn hill lol, and I mean that in a good way. The struggle was thick.

Bayou had Ouki who was just goated the entire fucking time. And thankfully Hara had the good sense to kill Ouki so he didn’t overstay his welcome. Hara gave him an utterly glorious showing at Bayou and then killed him so he never became stale. And the emotion of Ouki’s imminent death and Ouki low key knowing his death was approaching gave the whole battle a very intense air.

Anyway, I’d give Western Zhao like a 9.9/10, I’d give Dakan like a 9/10, Bayou like a 9.5, and Sanyou like an 8.