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Lazy is the way
Plus im not here for the Cosmic appearence of his new form. Id prefer a more monsterous appearnce. Not as ugly and boring as before, but something idk…cooler but not mecha looking. Since his half Monster form….Garou hasnt been looking good.
Yeah his best form for now was his half monster form, red hair/eye garou was cool too
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I have mixed feelings for the character but GOD panels are always quite cool


Lazy is the way
At this point, they're throwing whatever they can think of at the wall and hoping something sticks.
They coulda just followed the webcomic, and we would be in the next arc right about now
I don’t understand why they started to make changes ? They realized something was wrong about the webco story ? They likely wanted to make things bigger but they somewhat got lost is the middle


You can't win
The redraw is better than the first one. It changed Garou from the "coward, accepting to be killed by Saitama, turning into his student" into a Garou wanting to overcome the "unfairness" of Saitama's strength, which was more in hand to the webcomic speech, to the point of accepting God's power, not knowing it was God disguising himself as Bang

This new version makes me understand what is happening in the other dimension better as well. From what i could read, it seems like Blast and co are actually fighting God or/and sealed him in the other dimension, with Garou's attack having caused a distortion allowing God to manifest himself and Blast and co are annoyed because this, hence why they are wanting to repair the seal to block God inside of it

It seems as well that they probably realized they showed too much in the previous version(Boros look alike, etc), so they probably decided to hide it for later, but since many people already saw the previous version, it might already be too late

Which begs to question why the first one was released in the first place, and kinda confirms just how random it was :giogio: