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I smell "The beginning of Leader Saitama" by Amai Mask rather than the story of Neo Heroes.

title: The Ideal Hero said:
Saitama project by Amai Mask:

Producer: Amai Mask
Director: Sitch
Coordinator: sekingar
Cast :
  • Genos,
  • King,
  • Amai,
  • Zombie,
  • Flashy,
  • Fubuki,
  • Tatsumaki as cameo (will change side to Blast)
  • Atomic Samurai,
  • Sonic
  • Suiko (Neo suiryu's Little sister)

Blast isnt Saitama Group. He has his own alien group already
Why do these monster looks like other characters?
The first one looked like King for a moment lol
The second one kinda looks like a Bang/Goketsu character

I also like how Genos just starts fighting anybody who visits Saitama :milaugh:

Btw. is this where we are gonna see FF vs Saitama?