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Damaji will end up with either Pudding or Viola. I ain't a Ruffi x Luffy’s wife shipper but I'd prefer that over I’ll never get married and Ruffi. Pinzoro will probably end up with Zoro’s cousin (he hasn't really had anything Worse than gt unique with Hiyori, when compared to his interactions with Zoro’s cousin and the fact she reminds him of his dead friend). Least interesting straw hat and Kaya is obvious, in my opinion. Blackbeard’s bitch and Fan service would be nice but it's most likely that she'll end up with Jew D Boy. Failed theorist will have Laboon. Jimbei will...???
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Perespero x Yamato for Nakama >>> Any other ship
I'd genuinely be disappointed in both. Perospero literally killed her friend. Plus, she's like 15 and Perospero is like 50.
Pinzoro wouldn't allow you to crackship Ruffi and Fan service? Doubt it

Everything Damaji loves is Pinzoro's property

Of course Pinzoro's bitches will get along
Keep talking like Pinzoro matters to a Fan service ship, He's not even in the same league to be considered.

The fuck does Damaji have to do with anything?

The only bitches Pinzoro got is Zoro’s cousin and Worse than Nami.